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Abuja University Sex Story Against Prof Adeniji not True –Investigation

Contrary to the allegations and inaccurate reporting by some dailies, the recent sex story at University of Abuja is not a case of sex for mark or sexual harassment.

Investigations revealed that there was a web of intrigue,plots and smear campaign designed to destroy the image and reputation of Prof Adeniji by forces within amd outside the university

An Investigation by our reporter revealed that Miss Duru Chioma, a 400L student of the school currently on farm for SIWES attachment did not write her exam due to the SIWES programme

Interestingly, she doesn’t have carryover in the Professor’s course. Infact, the last and only two courses she offered with the Professor was during 1st semester of last academic session (2017/2018), and she passed the 2 courses without any molestation or harassment.

It was discovered Miss Duru took advantage of her closeness to the professor to blackmail him so he can prevail on other lecturers to pass their courses, a request the professor refused.

The refusal angered Miss Duru and proceeded to allegedly set up Professor.

The story had changed four months ago when the Professor rightly declined her request to help her in clearing about 11 courses of other lecturers that she’s carrying over.

It was be discovered that she surreptitiously changed her department, with the culpable connivance of some faculty staff, and then subtly wanted the Professor to clear her carry-overs so that the results going to the new Department will not reflect any carryover.

She got offended, and conspired with ‘enemies’ of the Professors in the University Community to bring him down.

According many sources, she invited the Professor out on a date. She personally booked and paid for the hotel a day before, and then brought in three military officers who forcefully entered the room, and in the most threatening manner got the professor to sign an undertaking, under duress, to alter her results with other lecturers.

And when the Professor refused to implement the undertaking signed under dress, then the student went to the media to raise a sexual harrassment allegation.

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