Ademola Adeleke did not Commit Forgery or Perjury-Group

  1. It is a known fact that school testimonials are issued by the relevant authority of a concerned school to the graduands.
  2. The administrative error on date accuracy by a school staff can never be the crime or flaw of the receiving school leaver. The entirety of a Testimonial or Statement of Result remains the property of the issuing school . As long as the school does not disown nor deny their authorship, the candidate cannot be liable for what was issued and there is freewill to so present for usage if need be.
  3. The Ede Muslim High School-1 Principal; Mr Kalid Adejare deposed to an affidavit at High Court of Justice, Federal Capital Territory Abuja, where he affirmed that the TESTIMONIAL and STATEMENT of RESULT tendered and submitted to INEC by SENATOR ADEMOLA ADELEKE were issued by the authority of Ede Muslim High School-1, Ede.
  4. It is to be noted that all the CREDENTIALS bear no discrepancies credited to SENATOR ADEMOLA ADELEKE.
  5. What remain germane should be as follows:
  • 5A. Was SENATOR ADEMOLA ADELEKE enrolled for WASC (May/June) at Ede Muslim High School, Ede in 1981? *YES* !
  • 5B. Was there an alteration or fabrication or difference in the grade he was awarded by WASC as contained in his INEC relevant forms? *NO* !
  • 5C. Does the examiner (WEST AFRICA EXAMINATION COUNCIL) affirm in an affidavit that ADEMOLA ADELEKE was their candidate in 1981 and confirmed his results in their records? *YES!*
  1. As long as all the relevant authorities concerned with examination and results in NIGERIA (WAEC and the Secondary school) have confirmed the results and documents in question, on what basis can this affront against wisdom continue?
  2. Based on the stated facts, it is copious that SENATOR ADEMOLA ADELEKE have not contravened any LAW. Therefore, there is no perjury or forgery committed here other than our oppressors fear of what their future will be like after their imminent judicial exit. SENATOR ADEMOLA ADELEKE’S mandate is alive and he is not going to RELINQUISH it no matter the amount of harassment, intimidation, falsehood based embarrassments and threats to his life.

*This release was circulated by a Imole Media Group in Osun state

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