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Buhari’s men in angry mood with Tinubu – Reports

By Adekunle Adebayo, Abuja

The relationship between President Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has a taken a turn for the worst despite all efforts to portray the contrary, insiders have revealed.

Just like post-2015 when Tinubu was sidelined by forces close to the President, checks showed that the Lagos politician is now on more shaky ground than ever before.

Insiders close to the President pointed at what they called “ongoing attempted power grab “by the former Lagos state governor ,a conduct they considered a personal insult on President Buhari.

It was gathered that recent statements of Asiwaju Tinubu deciding and dictating the leadership of the 9th National Assembly particularly drew the ire of Buhari inner caucus who think Tinubu is usurping the powers of a sitting President.

The situation was particularly worsened by alleged reports which were only weakly denied that the APC national leader is set to take a shot at the 2023 Presidency no matter what the president’s inner caucus thinks about his ambition.

He is said to be in control of the party structures and his push to instal his men as legislative leaders is regarded as part of the 2023 scheming.

While members of Buhari caucus are not averse to the Presidency going to South West in 2023,insiders revealed that Tinubu was not listed as an option in the succession agenda.

“As it is, Asiwaju is not listed. Those on the table for consideration when the time comes are Vice President Osinbajo, Fashola and the Ekiti state governor, Kayode Fayemi.

“The desperate scheming by Asiwaju is not acceptable to the inner caucus. That is not to say that his contribution is not appreciated”, a highly placed source declared.

Further investigations showed that plans are afoot to clip the wing of the powerful APC leader both in the set up of the next government and in term of his influence within the party.

Handlers of the President had reportedly commenced the push by the absence of President Buhari at Tinubu birthday held in Abuja.

That incident was reportedly designed to signal to the Lagos politician that his plot to grab power will be resisted by forces around the President.

The message was, however, lost as Asiwaju proceeded to commit what strong elements within the administration regards as a grave error.

The declarative statements in support of Senator Ahmed Lawan and Femi Gbajabiamila was adjudged impulsive, undiplomatic and arrogant by President’s men.

“It is a very bad statement that sent many angry across the core north. Only Mr President can endorse and insist. His utterances amount to trying to still the show from the president.

“President Buhari is not a figurehead leader;he is the Commander -in- Chief.That you are very close to the King does not mean you can dare or compete with him”, another strong Buharist from Kaduna noted.

SAHEL STANDARD further learnt that the frosty relationship deepened when Asiwaju Tinubu was absent during the President’s visit to Lagos. While Tinubu media office has explained the reason for his absence, the matter was considered a retaliation for the President’s failure to attend Tinubu’s birthday in Abuja.

A top party Chief who is against Tinubu’s stance on the National Assembly leadership said “there can be no excuse for what happened in Lagos. Tinubu snubbed Mr President. We cannot take it any longer. This is the height of subtle attacks and denigration of the president we have been complaining of.

“Asiwaju is committing certain line of errors committed by late MKO Abiola.Abiola was close to Babangida and Abacha. During the June 12 crisis, he failed to draw the line.

“That is the same mistake Asiwaju is making. You don’t share a space with a sitting President. Even Osinbajo, the Vice President is not doing it. It is too early to destroy the system because of 2023. We wont allow it”, the powerful politician from Borno told our correspondent.

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