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Constitute your cabinet on time, group tells Buhari

By Idowu Isamotu, Abuja

A socio-political group, under the aegis of Renaissance Group, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to form his cabinet as soon as possible in order to, as a matter of urgency tackle some challenges facing the country.

This, according to the group, is part of ways to fulfill Buhari’s ‘NEXT LEVEL’ campaign promises.

Tunde Imolehin, convener of the group, who specifically mentioned issues of security and economy at a press briefing in Abuja, urged the President to look beyond appointing members of his party but people who can help him in delivering his promises.

He said Buhari as a man of integrity should look at all dynamics when making his appointments, expressing concerns at the rate of bandits’ attacks in North Western part of the country.

“We are concerned about the security of the country, we are worried, but we are not losing any sleep because we know that the change government has been saddled with responsibility as part of the constitutional provision to ensure that the country is governed well, to ensure people, lives and property are protected.

“This government has come out to say a number of things, to do a number of things, towards realizing this objective. I’m very happy to also note that this government has promised to ensure that contrary to what happened four years ago, it will hit the ground running.

“Particular case cited is the appointment of members of his cabinet. We really want to advise government, not to tarry and not to waste time, in putting together a very solid, very dynamic cabinet this time around.

“That is not to say say that those who were there in the past didn’t play their parts but maybe could be better. And that’s the position of this organization.

“While satisfying his party dynamics, he should also look for people beyond actually levels where we can actually marry them in a very effective and efficient way to make this country a better society,” he said.

Imolehin noted that since President Buhari will be working with his choice in the National Assembly for the next four years, the performance should be better than the first tenure.

According to him, “As a man of integrity, we don’t expect anything less. Luckily, the National Assembly is set for him as he wanted, and there would be respect, there won’t be any obstacle for him to govern well and to govern in a better way this term around.”

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