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How can those who impoverished the North be singing North is backward?

By Prof Yusuf Dankofa

That is the height of deceit and inglorious humiliation of the people they enslaved.They own palatial houses and malls rather than industries that will cater for their people and even the funds came from the undue advantage conferred unto them by a rentier economy.

They reserve employment for their kids in national and multinational development corporations that are used in warehousing and laundering money for themselves and their families while the children of the northern masses roam the streets either as urchins or political thugs.

Most of the children of the poor who have good education that allows them  compete have their future pidgenholed by becoming security workers in private companies or taxi drivers,with N10.000 as maximum wages.How comes none of their own children drives taxis or dangote trucks.

Scholarships and bursaries that are primarily meant for the poor have all been allocated to their children while the target beneficiaries are encouraged to hawk indomie to be able to raise money for their education.

The entire political and economic space in the north for the past 5 decade have been curtailed for the benefits of past and present northern leaders and their families and only bootlickers get crumbs and for the crumbs to continue to flow,the bootlickers must lick and lick the boots of their oppressors until they become physically and mentally fossilised and die without an iota of critical thinking.

We all know that this is deliberate.Refusal to educate the northern masses is deliberate because they know that without education the north can never have a voice let alone resist it tormentors.

Without education the masses will naturally be easy to indoctrinate, manipulate and be willing tools of mind destruction by their selfish and parasitic elites.And we all have seen the consequences today.

Ethno religious affiliation, baditry, terrorism is now the lot of the oppressed masses.When you deny people education,they will end up as dregs of the society and crime together with substance abuse will define those people.

With more than 13 million school age children out of school,can any reasonable person not understand why kidnappings have become so lucrative?.It is outrighly dishonest and self serving for a northern leader to come out and lampoon the north because he is a big part of the problem.

They live in unwarranted opulence with state funds that should be channelled for the welfare of the poor.

They spend billions on foreign trips that do not add value to statecraft, all the resources of the state are being used in promoting their political and personal career while the masses are faced with the most debilitating forms of poverty and deprivation and this same people will come out and declare that the north they deliberately made to be backward is backward,when in actual fact they like it like that and have been promoting and sustaining this status quo since time immemorial.

To come out and start promoting a narrative that northern leaders are concerned about the decadence they promote is not only condemnable,but outrighly callous and inhuman.This they must be told in clear terms!

Prof. Yusuf Dankofa is the Secretary-General, Kaduna Restoration Group (KRG)

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