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OPINION: Introducing Arc. Waziri Bulama for APC Nat’l Secretary

By Ibrahim Waziri

The emergence of APC in Nigeria changed the political calculations in Nigeria. The Change Agenda of 2015 and the Next Level Agenda of 2019 gave birth to a revolution of the poor and middle class with a disposition to end the systemic oppression of Nigeria by a cabal of greedy men that manipulated our psyches for their political gains.

The citizens of our great country issued a red card to internal conquistadors. Their decision was an end to a long history of brutal appropriation of national patrimony by a privileged few.

The emergence of the APC marked a serious turn around in the Nigerian body politics; it is the first time that a real people-owned political party has taking over the realm of affairs in the country.

But let’s not forget that those who flourished on the annexation of the collective destiny of Nigerians had been fighting to dissuade progressive cohesion.

Those opposed to national transformation are still nursing the ambition to replace progressive politics with neo-liberals who survives on heartless materialism.

Success surely has many friends and APC being a new bride with wide acceptability attracted all categories of people; the good the bad and the ugly from North, West, East, South and even the diaspora citizens of Nigeria.

While some came genuinely because they had never had the opportunity to be part of a party driven by progressive ideology others simply jumped the ship of materialistic politics; pretending to be progressives.

Bad eggs that jumped into the party wreck havoc to inhibit the positive trajectory which APC is heading. They  betrayed everything that APC represent as it became obvious in the build up to the last APC National convention and the lost of some APC strongholds during the 2019 gubernatorial and State’s Houses of Assembly Elections.

The APC has gone through a lot in the last four years in the hands of those who joined the party for their own personal gain.

The Zamfara sore story, the in-fightings, indiscipline, rapacious greed and politics of exclusion, the murder of internal democracy in few cases, the disconnect between the party structures, members, Government and the grass roots support base, the lack of reward, regards and recognition for hard work, the betrayal that saw members trading the party with opposition, the lack of cohesion after four years in Government are amongst reasons why credibility should be a serious condition besides the requirement of Zoning. Arc Waziri Bulama meets all conditions including the requirement of Zoning.

It is against this backdrop that the position of National Secretary should not be entrusted into the hands of anybody. APC should avoid rabble raisers, comprador elites and agents of imperialism who use political structures as tool of personal gains and self-aggrandizement.

The Office of National Secretary is where ideologies, manifestos and programs of the party are translated into frameworks to shape policies. A good National Secretary must be able to inspire and coordinate members of the party’s ranks who intend to vie for offices; making them bastion of ideologies, philosophies, agenda and programs of the party. This is the reason  for our call for Arc Waziri Bulama to step into the job as APC National scribe.

At this critical time of moving Nigeria to the Next Level, our party needs stability, a good administrator, a meticulous mind that is as sound as a bell, sharp as the point of a pin and crystal like a glass, we need Arc. Waziri Bulama.

Although our great nation has weathered tumult and turmoil, shaking the sociopolitical and economic underpinnings of Nigeria to its very foundation, regardless, we remain undeterred.

We as a people remain undeterred because even as other generations before us have produced leaders of renowned reputation to stir us back on course, there are still national warriors living in our generation, and Arc. Waziri Bulama is one such national warrior.

To forge ahead, and for Nigeria to take its proper place among the great nations of the world, unity is key. As a nation we must aim for and stick to a singular determination and goal of pulling our different parts together, drawing from the talents and the wells of human resource from each and every State, to ensure full representation across the board, and to strengthen our collective resolve.

For this lofty but achievable purpose, APC needs a national secretary of very high intelligence, intellectual exposure, ebullient personality, ethical predilection, and unique character to helm the secretariat of the party.

The best man for the job, who fits the iterated criterion is none other than Arc. Waziri Bulama. The nation and indeed APC is at the cross roads and at this stage in our journey as a nation and a party, we need a man of high educational credentials, and who is also possessed of exceptional amiability.

A friend to all, a welcome personage in all gatherings in all the six geopolitical regions. A Godly man, with an exemplary family background and who inherently has a firm grasp of the importance of tolerance. That man is Arc. Waziri Bulama.

Comrade Waziri Bulama was born to the family of the Waziris in Maiduguri, Borno State in the year 1961, he started life very humbly and went on to make distinctive marks in his career as a civil/public servant, administrator, a businessman, a trained architect in whom there is no defect, a politician and strategist.

He attended the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria and Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom. He holds an MSC in Architecture and, another MSC in Entrepreneurship.

He was a gubernatorial aspirant in Borno State in the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in 2011. He also served as a member of National Executive committee of (NEC) of defunct CPC from 2011 to 2013. Arc. Bulama Waziri was also a member Strategy Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organizations of the CPC. Arc. Waziri Bulama was the best aspirant for the post of National Secretary of the APC, but he stepped down for Hon. Mai Mala Buni, now Governor of Yobe state.

He was a member of the Security Subcommittee of the Ahmed Joda Transition committee, 2015. He was also a member of Policy Support Group of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, 2015. Arc.Waziri Bulama was a member of the research, policy and strategy committee of the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), 2015 and, most recently, he served as the Deputy Director General coordination of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidential Campaign Council in 2019 general election.

The profile of the Arc.Waziri Bulama as show above is an illustration of a salient point: every milestone of his life and achievement is interconnected with socio-political transformation. As an architect he understands the importance of clearly conceptualized and solidity of structures.

As a politician, he has been consistent with the vision he believes. As an administrator, he has been dogged with what he believes as his mission.

Arc. Waziri Bulama is committed to positive impact on people and society at large. He is man wired for the building of sustainable structures for future socio-economic advancement. He has never been known to be one of those politicians who become loose cannons if they don’t have what they want.

He is a patriot and promoter of inclusive politics. He has never been known or associated with any form of factionalism, discrimination and segregation.

Office of the National Secretary of a progressive party as the size of APC is not a place for jokers, pretenders and unreliable fellows who can be tossed by every wind of manipulations. Arc. Waziri Bulama has the capacity to give the APC a National Secretary that can provide impetus and direct the undercurrent of national transformation and development.

Arc. Waziri Bulama is from the north-east zone where the office has been zoned; he is not only fully blooded north-easterner, but, a compatriot with pan-Nigerian orientation.

He has friends and comrades across the different geo-political zones. Arch. Waziri Bulama has conquered the demons of social stratification, tribalism, ethnic hegemony and religious bigotry. He is a man filled with charisma, experience and wisdom.

He is a reputable man of integrity, an exceptional leader, an indisputable achiever and lover of progress.

He is a man that has been one of the silent unifying forces that has held the party together. Despite his enormous contribution to the party, he is very unassuming and does not blow his trumpets.

Perhaps, we should conclude with this: for President Muhammadu Buhari as father of the nation and leader of the party to have trusted him with the position of a deputy director coordination of the PCC 2019, Arc. Waziri Bulama is the right person for the job of National Secretary of the APC.

Everywhere he goes he represents the good face of APC and along with his modernist approach and open door policy, everyone feels comfortable and carried along. Having him as party secretary would go a long way towards achieving true party cohesion which is a badly needed attribute in APC today.

Not only is he already widely recognized in the party and the nation as a whole for these stellar qualities, there are feelers from all quarters that people want him as the engine room of the APC. The party leaders and members alike have unanimously chorused him as the next National Secretary of APC.

With Arc. Waziri Bulama as the national Secretary of APC, we can all be rest assured that the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.

Providence has given us a man of his calibre for such a time as this. We must arise and answer the call of the people, they deserve the best of APC, and with Arc. Waziri Bulama as national party secretary today, we are assured of a greater tomorrow.

Hon Ibrahim Waziri writes from Abuja

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