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UPDATE: Police case against Adeleke suffers setback

…as witnesses say lawmaker didn’t sit for NECO exams

Efforts to prosecute Senator Ademola Adeleke on trumped up charges of examination malpractices suffered early setback today as prosecution witnesses told the court that they did not see Senator Ademola Adeleke at the venue of NECO examination at Oju Aro Community Grammar School.

The police had arraigned Senator Adeleke and four others on charges of examination malpractice, citing alleged commission of the offence at Community Grammar School Oju Aro in Osun state.

Dramatically, one of the witnesses witnessed against the prosecution when he confessed that it was the police that showed him examination results with Ademola Adeleke written on them but he never saw the Senator or anyone like him in the examination hall to sit for the examination.

The two witnesses also contradicted the prosecution by insisting that Ademola Adeleke was never seen in or around the examination centre nor did he sit for the examination and that it was a surprise that they claim the senator was allocated examination results.

At the opening of the case on Wednesday in Abuja, the prosecution called two witnesses namely Mr Odesola Emmanuel and Adigun Akintayo Enoch, the supervisor and invigilator respectively at the NECO examination held on June 20 2017 at the community school.

Odesola, who testified that he was the supervisor at the venue confirmed that he did not see any of the defendants at the examination venue but that he noticed there are about four elderly students among the students.

He also identified an examination answer sheet with the name Ademola Adeleke written on it.

Under cross examination by counsels to Senator Adeleke; Alex Iziyon, SAN and N.O. Oke, SAN, the witness admitted that it is not reliable to identify age of a person by face as face is not an accurate measure of somebody’s age.

Asked specifically whether he saw Senator Adeleke at the venue of the examination, the witness noted that the senator was not at the venue as he would easily recognise him being a public figure.

On the non-availability of school album for the examination, which would have clearly identified whether the Ademola Adeleke with the result was the Senator, the witness also admitted that it was NECO that has the responsibility to provide the album and not the school authority.

Asked whether he is surprised that somebody who does not write an examination got a result, the witness expressed shock too, noting that it is unusual for somebody who does not write examination to get results.

On whether any of the so called elderly people was here in the court, the witness said none of them was present at court.He made further startling revealation that he is not familiar with the handwritihgs of the students and that there were many results sheets

He admitted that since the examination was conducted, he was just seen the examination sheets all over again and cannot explained if anything has happened to them or not. Specifically, he said he cannot even recognise the handwriting 

The second witness, Adigun Akintayo Enoch however identified Mr Sikiru Adeleke but that he never saw Senator Ademoka Adeleke at the examination venue.

The witness opened up under cross examination that he stood by the statement he made to the police at Osogbo that he was just shown the examination scores for NECO by the police at Osogho police station.

The witness accepted that when the police showed him the NECO results for senator Adeleke at the police station, he was shocked. How a person who did not write examination get examination results was a surpirse to him, he said.

“It is strange to get results without writing examination.And I was shown the results at the police station”, the witness said under cross examination by Alex Iziyon.

On Sikiru Adeleke, the two witnesses confirmed that he indeed has the school identification card and other requirements qualifying him to write the examination.

Cross examined by N.O. Oke SAN, the witness noted that once a student sat for examination, he is entitled to the results.

They also admitted that Sikiru was never caught engaging in examination malpractices during the examination. The witnesses also noted that the entire examination exercise was free of any malpractice.

The prosecution however sought adjournment of further hearing on the case citing other cases at the Supreme Court. 

The matter was adjourned for further hearing till October 10th.

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