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July 2, 2020

Before we forget: The legislative output of Prof. Ben. Ayade

By Dominic Kidzu

Professor Benedict Ayade, an environmentalist, lawyer, businessman, teacher and politician bestrides the four – post world in every sphere he touches.

When he was overwhelmingly elected Senator in 2011, he promptly became the shinning star of the red chamber, churning out legislation with astonishing rapidity and regularity for the betterment of the society.

But the Ayade phenomenon did not suddenly bust forth upon happenstance, it seemed to have been fully formed in his primal construction.

For  those who sanctify and criticize him are both equitably agreed on his prodigious performance and essential goodness in everything he does.

When he was elected into the Senate as a freshman, he topped the entire Senate in the fecundity of thought that produced the highest number of bills ever for one Senator in one tenure. It seemed as though he had sworn upon all the gods at once to legislate a solution  to all the problems of Nigeria in one single tenure.

Spanning the entire gamut of Nigeria’s institutional challenges from security, environment, social security services, education, gender equality to climate issues.

He helped the Senate to make laws to prepare the country for future security, growth and prosperity, while protecting the planet from destruction by the activities of industrialisation, exploitation and carelessness.

Below are some of the bills he sponsored in just four years in the Senate:

1. Social Housing Bill 2011 (SB 61)

2. Company and Allied Matters Act (Amendment) Bill, 2012 (SB 131)

3. Petroleum Refineries (eat, etc) Bill 2012 (SB. 176)

4. National Emergency Agency Act CAP N34 LFN 2011 (Repeal and Reenactment) Bill 2012 (SB 233)

5. Petroleum Refineries (Est, etc) Bill 2013 (SB 236)

6. Job Creation and Protection Bill 2012

7. Serious and Organized Crime Bill 2012 (SB 237)

8. Climate Change and Green House Emission Reduction Bill 2012 (SB. 239)

9. National Energy Bill 2012 (SB. 240)

10. Environmental Health Officers (Reg. etc) Act 2002 (Amendment) Bill 2013 (SB. 244)

11. Federal Scholarship Commission (Establishment, etc) Bill 2013 (56.246)

12. Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Bill 2013 (SB. 250)

13. Nigerian Construction Academy (Est, etc) Bill 2013 (SB. 251)

14. Food processing and Agro-Industrial Centre (Est, etc) Bill 2013 (SB.252)

15. Energy Commission Act CAP E10 LFN 2011 (Amendment) Bill 2013 (SB.305)

16. Integrated Farm Settlement and Agro-Input Centres (Est, etc) Bill 2013 (SB. 305)

17. Environmental impact Assessment Act CAP E12 FN 2011 (Amendment) Bill 2013 (SB. 315)

18. National Research Foundation (Estetc) Bill 2013 (SB 316)

19. National Unity and Peace Corps (Est.etc) Bill 2013 (SB 332)

20. Liquids and Liquors Import Restriction Bill 2013 (SB. 335)

21. Nigerian Expatriate Quota Control Bill 2013 (SB. 336)

22. Raw Materials Research and Development Council Act 2004 (Amendment) Bill 2013 (SB. 337)

23. National Biomedical and hazardous Waste Management Agency (Est etc) (S.B. 339)

24. Kidnapping Bill 2013 (SB. 340)

25. Local Content in Building and Construction Industry Bill 2013 (SB. 341)

26. Nigerian Oil Shipping Bill 2013 (SB.342)

27. Green Cities Development Bill 2013 (SB.341)

28. Law Reform (Vicarious Liability) Bill 2013 (SB. 409)

29. Disproportionate Asset of Public Servant Bill 2013 (SB.410)

30. Whistle Blowers Protection Bill 2013 (SB. 411)

31. EFCC Act 2013 (Amendment) Bill 2013 (SB. 439)

32. Senatorial Project implementation Sensitivity Bill 2014 (SB. 2014)

33. Nigeria Naira Stabilization Bill 2014 (SB. 464)

34. Public procurement Act No. 14 2007 (Amendment) Bill 2014 (SB. 466)

35. Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Act CAP N89 LFN 2011 (Amendment) Bill 2014 (SB. 480)

36. Foreign Criminal Practices (Prohibition) Bill 2014 (SB. 481)

37. Employee’s Compensation Act 2010 (Amendment) Bill 2014 (SB. 482)

38. Nigeria Investment Promotion Council Act CAP N117 (Reapeal and Re-enactment,) Bill 2014 (SB. 485)

39. Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill 2014 (SB. 486)

40. Medical Innovation Bill 2014 (SB. 489)

41. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practice Regulatory Council of Nigeria (Est,etc) Bill 2014 (SB. 490)

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