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July 11, 2020
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Edward Onoja Promises Greater Kogi state as PDP Rejects Results

Kogi state deputy governor ,Mr Edward Onoja has dedicated victory of his principal ,Yahaya Bello to God .

In a reaction to victory ,Onoja said the governor and his team will recommit themselves to the service of the people,noting that Kogi shall be great.

Meanwhile,the Peoples Democratic Party has rejected the results of Saturday giber poll in Kogi state ,describing it as a daylight robbery.

The party statement reads as follows :

The Position of the Candidate of the PDP in the Kogi Governorship
Election, Engr. Musa Wada on The Conduct and Outcome of The Election.

I, Engr. Musa Wada, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
and the overwhelming majority of the people of Kogi state reject the
conduct and outcome of the gubernatorial election held on November 16,

It is clear to the all there was no election on Saturday, November 16th
2019 but a declaration and execution of war against the people.

What happened in Kogi was an organized war against democracy; coup
against the people and seizure of power through brigandage and the
barrel of the gun with members of the Police and other security agencies
coordinating the stealing of the people’s votes.

The Police aided armed APC thugs to invade polling units with impunity,
shoot and kill voters and carted away ballot boxes to government
facilities where results were written in favour of APC and handed over
to INEC to announce against the will of the people.

Police helicopters were used to attack polling units, fire tear gas on
voters and provide cover to APC hoodlums and policemen who brutalized
the people of Kogi state and stole their mandate.

The APC turned our state into a theatre of war. No fewer than nine
innocent Nigerians were killed. Many more were maimed and injured by the
APC in their desperation to seize power at all cost.

It is therefore distressing that INEC went ahead with a shameful
collation and declaration of fabricated results despite the glaring
disruptions that characterized the shambolic exercise.

In order to achieve this ignoble goal, INEC cancelled our votes in areas
of our stronghold, subtracted from our votes in many other areas and
padded the votes of APC to give a semblance of victory for APC.

The people of Kogi were horrified, brutalized and dehumanized. There
have been weeping across the state since the announcement of another
four years of Yahaya Bello.

We therefore stand with the people of Kogi to state without equivocation
that this brigandage and stealing of our mandate cannot stand.

We will never despair but remain strong in our determination to retrieve
the mandate freely given to us by the people in their desire for a
change. We will pursue this course to its logical conclusion within the
confines of the law of this country.

We commend the people of Kogi state for their resilience in the face of
all intimidation. They  showed, once again, that nobody can suppress
their will at any time.

Our campaign mourns our compatriots that were killed by the APC; their
blood demand for justice and we will ensure that they did not die in

Above all, the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu and the Inspector
General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, will surely account to God and the
people for the roles they played in this election; if not in this world,
then certainly in the hereafter.

We therefore call on all Nigerians to stand with the people of Kogi
state at this trying time as they quest for the restoration of their
mandate in this election.

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