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July 5, 2020
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Bayelsa loss: Secondus the Fall guy

By Ike Abonyi

The fallout of last Saturday’s gubernatorial elections in Kogi and Bayelsa states has been funny and curious. Dejected and visibly angry Nigerians have understandably been transfering their anger to anybody they can find.

Tired of bashing a deaf and dumb INEC and security agencies, the anger is now on the leaders of the opposition. Particularly in Bayelsa state where some largely uninformed persons believe the party leadership took wrong decisions in allowing a Governor Dickson backed candidate far and above Timi Alaibe. Such people believe Alaibe would have won.

But they didnt want to appreciate the tight corner Secondus and his NWC found themselves with Gov. Dickson already in talks with the APC should his candidate lose. Taking a decision that would have led to losing a sitting governor would have meant that Secondus and NWC are not tactical and swerve enough. Governors of the party would have come heavily on them for not respecting one of their own to influence his successor. The issue of newly elected council officials participating in the primaries was not a unilateral decision.

The NWC sought legal view with three SANs in addition to their legal Advisor. On the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s feud with Dickson over the candidacy, NWC and Secondus did their best to reconcile them. Even after the primaries NWC raised a top team of party leaders headed by the former Senate President Bukola Saraki and Peter Obi the party’s Vice Presidential candidate. Before people look for a fall guy, they should look deep into the peculiarities of Bayelsa state.

The crisis that engulfed PDP leading to losing power at the the center in 2015 has its origin in Bayelsa when the then pdp governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state break bond with Jonathan for refusing to allow Timpre Sylva go for a second term. Instead an unforgiving Jonathan had to drag Dickson from the House of Representatives to replace Slyva.

Everybody then thought Jonathan will go for Alaibe the better candidate then. Today Sylva is leading APC to adore the same Jonathan. Alaibe found favour in Jonathan in 2019 when he no longer has direct power to give and take. PDP members who are allowing Bayelsa matter to tire their clothes should look back. If anybody should be bashed it should be Bayelsa people of 8 local government areas who could not manage their politics with their unforgiving approach to politics.

But even with all these PDP still won the election last Saturday by the peoples votes but APC won by INEC and military help. That should concern us all. If you have nothing to remember Secondus and his NWC remember them for bringing the party from near comatose state it was to a formidable opposition that rose from 11 states to 16 states and led party to a general election the truth is there for us all.

Those familiar with how tickets were bought in Wadata house in the past should have reasons to appreciate this God fearing leadership. Lets move forward and reserve our energy for the rampant anti democratic forces ravaging the land. God bless.

* Ike Abonyi, Journalist is a special assistant to Prince Uche Secondus

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