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September 26, 2020

CEMAC Leaders’ Meeting: CFA Franc Reform, Boko Haram, Free Movement Top Agenda.

Leaders of CEMAC meet in Yaunde amidst controversy over the CFA franc currently in use across French speaking zone.The Cameroonian presidency sheds light on areas of focus for the leaders.

“The future of the CFA franc would be addressed during the extraordinary summit of Yaundé. The inherited monarchy of the colonization divides the economists and heads of state of the zone of the franc.Many financial experts present it as a brake on development. Those who are in favor of maintaining the CFA franc present the argument of stability that offers this amount in the face of speculation, ”says the presidency of the Republic of Cameroon.

The same source indicates that among the persistent problems that continue to arise, is the financing of CEMAC. This theme will be discussed at the summit of Yaundé. The low recovery of community resources through the mechanism of the Impact of Community Integration (CIT) is leading to the expected performance of the community institutions.

Security will also be on the agenda. “Many areas of tension persist in the subregion and require a permanent movement of the entire Community. It is imperative, for example, that calm and peace are returned to the northwest and west regions of Cameroon. The member states of CEMAC must also continue tirelessly to continue the battle against the terrorism perpetrated by Boko Haram in the area of Lake Chad, ”says Cameroon’s presidency.

Last but not least, the heads of state and government of the subregion will speak about the free circulation of people in the space of the CEMAC, without mentioning the efforts to revive the growth and diversification of the economy.

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