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November 25, 2020
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Malabo Hosts World Gas Nations and Leaders

….As Qatar hosts African Ministers on Energy Question

By Olawale Rasheed 

The 5th Gas Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum has commenced in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea with hydocarbons ministers and heads of state of GECF Member Countries.in attendance.

The Hydrocarbons and mines Minister of Equatorial Guinea,Gabriel Obiang is the master organiser of the events on behalf of the President and people of the republic.

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is attending the event alongside other Heads of State of gas nations on the continent.

In parallel, the GECF 2nd International Gas Seminar was held at the same venue on. The seminar includes sessions and presentations from public and private sector gas sector leaders from across the spectrum of natural gas operations, and from across the globe.

The events in Malabo also include an JODI-Gas information session, jointly organized by the IEF and the GECF. Meanwhile,the Gas Exporting Countries Forum Secretariat had hosted the African Ambassadors Group, a conference dedicated to Energy on the African Continent. The event was attended by Ambassadors and members of diplomatic missions to the State of Qatar, representing about 20 countries of the African continent.

The event was opened by HE Felizwe Dlamini, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Swaziland and the President of the African Ambassadors Group, who welcomed the participants. From the GECF side, the event was represented by Dr. Hussein Moghaddam, Senior Energy Forecast Analyst, who delivered a speech and shared a presentation dedicated to gas forecasts in Africa.

Two keynote speeches were delivered by HE Dr. Bashir Issa Al-Shirawi, former Qatar Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa, who shared his opinion on Africa and its resources. The second keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Benjamin Auge, Chief Editor of Africa Energy Intelligence, who provided insight on the way forward for Africa’s oil and gas industry and various investment decision affecting it.

The meeting was followed by a fruitful panel discussion which covered energy related issues. The conference and discussion was facilitated by Mr. Abdu-Raof Hanslo, an economic commentator and Editor-in-chief of the South African Finance Times.

Africa has received special attention in the new edition of the GECF Global Gas Outlook, to be released in January 2020. Natural gas represents a good tool for energy poverty alleviation in Africa, considering the continent’s abundance and geographical spread of this resource. Last year, Africa accounted for only 6% of global energy demand, and little more than 3% of electricity demand.

According to the GECF Global Gas Outlook, in 2050, energy and electricity demand will increase by an overall of 126% and 85% in Africa, respectively. Natural gas constituted 15% of Africa’s energy mix in 2018. However, gas has a great potential to provide 380 bcm of Africa’s energy demand by 2050, considering the continent’s abundance and geographical spread of this resource. From the supply side, Africa accounts for 6% of global marketed gas production today and with 620 bcm production, will account for 10% by 2050.

HE Faizel Moosa, Ambassador of South Africa to Qatar thanked the speakers and the GECF Secretariat for hosting the event and making it a resounding success. The GECF welcomes potential new Members and Observers from the continent and is looking forward to hold similar events in the future.

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