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September 24, 2020
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President Obiang to Gas Nations: Let Join Hands for Clean Energy

We have the arduous task of defining policies that provide rational use of the environment; which benefits our other economies in defense of the common good, because gas has been defined as a clean energy. ” This is what the President of Equatoria Guinea,Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, said during his speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Heads of State and Government of the GECF countries, which was held in the Palace of Conferences of Sipopo.

In his speech, President Obiang congratulated his countrymen and women on the presence of the invited persons and representatives of the countries of the organization,and others as observers, recalling that the Republic of Guinea has been the first African country to host this summit.

“We are proud to be the host because it supposes a reconnaissance of our country as a model of peace, liberation, progress and development. The conclusion of these works will define us with the recollections of the challenges in the fight against poverty, carrying out a responsible exploitation of these gas resources. So we encourage you to continue working together to make this journey more fruitful. ”

Following the opening address by the President of the host country, the Secretary General of GECF Yury Sentyurin, in his words acknowledged that “Equatorial Guinea has succeeded in diversifying its economy with the construction of infrastructure in the energy sector.

“I also thank the Head of State, HE Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, for the arrangements made for the perfect organization of the organization, as well as the saying that it is “a clear message for the development of the gas sector”.

In this regard, Sentyurin also reminded that natural gas will contribute to the sustainable use of a clean energy. However, it is clear that it is not easy to reach this horizon: “We are not, however, a road of roses, because we are still facing new challenges. New technologies have helped progress in our industry. ”

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, in his remarks , also thanked the Government and the Equatorial Government for the perfect organization of the leadership, saying that this meeting is yielding results at a critical moment.

“We must preserve the environment by developing new energies like natural gas. We have to make sure we build the infrastructure in the gas sector to facilitate the work of the founding fathers of this organization. ”

On the other hand, the Vice-President of Iran, Eshaq Yahanguirí, in his words, thanked the Government of Equatorial Guinea for the hospitality and arrangements made for the organization of the task.

“There has also been a change in the evolution that has brought about the organization of gas-producing countries.Energy security means the world’s most sustainable development; we have to cooperate with each other because sustainable development requires solutions to reduce climate change. ”

Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of Russia, spoke out against the measures of coercion imposed by other great powers on the producing countries, and has requested to promote dialogue between the nations of the organization and the world in general.

During the event, the ministers of Venezuela, Azerbaijan, Oman – as an observer country – and Trinidad and Tobago also intervened.

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