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May 11, 2021

U.S orders Cameroun President to pull out military from South territory

The U.S has ordered President Paul Biya of Cameroun; to “immediately
and unconditionally” pull out the military from southern Cameroon

The 72-hour ultimatum; followed U.S Congress approval in a resolution
of an Act; authorizing President Donald Trump and U.S Department of
Defence for Biya to comply.

The announcement was made Friday in a YouTube video; monitored in
Maiduguri, the Borno state capital.

According to the video, the U.S Congress Act, authorizes the immediate
and unconditional withdrawals of military in the Cameroon south

“President Paul Biya; has 72 hours to pull the military from the union
treaty territory of Cameroon,” said the videoed announcement.

Other facilities; to be evacuated by Camerounian military; include
four airports in the occupied territory.

It said that compliance to the pullout will also be monitored by U.S
Military intelligence in Chad, Nigeria, Central African Republic and

It warned: “Failure to comply will face the wrath of U.S military
authorities,” urging Biya to release all detained citizens of LA du
Republic Cameroon.

The withdrawals of Camerounian military, including the evacuation of
four airports, was to actualize United Nations Organisation (UNO)
state of Cameroon by the UN.

It has also been reported that 24 Local Government Areas of Borno,
Adamawa and Taraba states in Nigeria, are curved out for the new

According to UN workshops Coordinator and Chairman, steering
committee, Prof. Martin Chia Ateh, Camerounian military pullout, was
to actualise UNO state of Cameroon on July 10, 2020

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