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May 13, 2021
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Accra Ban : Ivorian Opposition Leader Writes Ghana’s President

A presidential hopeful in 2020 Ivory Coast election,Hon Guilliaume Soro who was accused of coup plot has written Ghanaian president,Nana Akufo Addo over refusal of Ghana to allow his entrance into Accra three days ago.

Soro’s plane had made emergence landing at Accra instead of Abidjan which was the original destination.The politician was however not allowed to enter Accra after his plane had landed at Accra airport.

In a direct message to the Ghanaian leader,Soro reminded President Akuffo Ado of their past relationship and expressed sadness that Ghana could treat an ECOWAS citizen like that.

“Mister @NAkufoAddo, I’m @SOROKGUILLAUME, an ecowas citizen from #Côtedivoire. We knew each other when you were minister of justice and finally minister of foreign affairs of President John Kuffuor.

“You used to visit me in Bouaké and Abidjan when you were a member of GTI ,International Working Group, looking for peace in my country at that time.

“You and me are friend of #AbediPele the Ghanaian famous football player. Mister President,on the 23rd of December, my plane was in danger and so my life in the sky of Ghana

“On the tarmac of the airport of Accra, the pilot informed me that I couldn’t get out of the plane. The Ghanaian authorities refused to receive me on their soil.

” Mister President as an African leader, do you think that the country of Kwame Nkrumah should do that to an ecowas citizen?

” I’m really flabbergasted. I learned that the former President of #CI Felix Houphouët-Boigny welcomed you when you were in need. I called our common friend #AbediPele and he was really ashamed and sorry. God bless Africa.”,Soro declared.

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