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May 13, 2021
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Suleimani Assassination: Police Tightens Surveillance in Abuja

Abuja city centre is witnessing robust security patrol following pockets of demonstrations by Shiites followers.

Some Shiites followers protesting the assassination of General Qazeem Suleiman of Iran Quds force had attempted large scale procession within the heart of the capital city.

Along Moshood Abiola way ,some.Shiites actually conducted procession but were immediately dispersed by a detachment of police operatives already deployed along key roads in the capital.

The protesters attempted to regroup but were again pursued and chased away by men of the police counter terrorism force.

Similar attempt was made around Eagle Square.The police nipped in the bud any such gathering.

Police patrols were then intensified with suspicious buses and cars searched by operatives.

Unlike in previous processions ,the Shiites protesters engaged in hide and seek game with the police,disappearing once they cite police patrol and reassembling after police exit.

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