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April 23, 2021
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Boko Haram Widens Attacks

Boko Haram is deepening and widening its attacks on the extreme northern part of Cameroon,Mayo Sava,putting the region under sustained attacks in the last four days.

Reports indicated that the insurgents have attacked several areas of the north such as #Ndaba,#Kijimatari,#Kolofata ,#Tchembede, #Magdeme, #Mora among others.

The Far North Region, also known as the Extreme North Region, is the northernmost constituent province of the Republic of Cameroon.

It borders the North Region to the south, Chad to the east, and Nigeria to the west. The capital is Maroua. The province is one of Cameroon’s most culturally diverse.

The Cameroon government challenged by secessionists within the Anglophone region is facing an uphill task containing the Bomo Haram attackers in Mayo Sava region.

Civilian vigilantes have been drafted to support the Cameroonian military to checkmate the jihadists but reports revealed that the assaults on towns and villages in the area is progressing relentlessly.

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