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October 23, 2020
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Multinational Force Kills Four #ISWAP Commanders

Troops of Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) and Air Task Force;
have killed four commanders of Islamic State of West Africa Province
(ISWAP) in Lake Chad Basin.

Among the neutralised commanders, include Amir Khalifa Umar in the
Tunbum Sabon military operations at weekend.

MNJTF Spokesman, Col. Timothy Antigha yesterday (Monday) stated in
Maiduguri that; Umar is the third ranking commander of ISWAP.

According to him; “Umar was a high-value target; considering that he
was also Chief Judge of Islamic state.

“In a separate air interdiction conducted in Kwalaram, three other
commanders of ISWAP were also neutralised,” adding that more details
of battle damage assessment be provided to journalists.

He said that several terrorists and their commanders; were also killed
in an Air Task Force interdiction of ISWAP at Tumbun Madayi training

He said that before the aerial bombardments of camps, terrorists were
training to launch attacks on troops’ locations in Lake Chad region.

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