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October 29, 2020

Boko Haram: UN Condemns Attacks on Ngala

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr. Edward Kallon, has
condemned the destruction of humanitarian ‘accommodation and
logistics’ by non-state armed group at Ngala, Borno state.

Ngala; a border community with Cameroon, was severally attacked with
the recent blowup of Gambouru Bridge by suspected insurgents.

Kallon made the condemnation Monday in a statement released to
journalists in Maiduguri, the state capital.
While lamenting on Saturday’s attacks, he said: “I am outraged by the
extremely violent attack on this key humanitarian facility.”

According to him, the destroyed humanitarian hub accommodates five UN
staff at the time of Saturday incident.
He said the UN hub at Ngala; was the direct target of a complex
assault by heavily armed non-state armed group’s operatives.

On destroyed hub, Kallon said: “An entire section of the facility was
burned down as well as one of the few vehicles UN agencies rely on for
movement and aid delivery,” lamenting that protective security
measures at hub, prevented any harm to staff being accommodated.

He added: “I am shocked by the violence and intensity of this attack,
which is the latest of too many incidents directly targeting
humanitarian actors and the assistance we provide.

He noted that he was relieved, as all the staff is now safe and secure.
He decried that aid workers, humanitarian facilities and assets cannot
be a target.

Instead, he said that they must be protected and respected at all times.
He said aid workers are providing assistance to more than 55,000
people in the town of Ngala.

While last year; over 10,000 people arrived in Ngala, searching for
security and basic services, stating that; “humanitarian hubs in Borno
State are critical to the humanitarian response.”

He said the hubs; provide enabling environments for aid workers in
remote locations where most of the vulnerable people sought refuge to

He called on all parties to the conflict to respect the principles of
humanity, neutrality, independence and impartiality.

He said that respect of principles, guides the assistance the
humanitarian community delivers in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states.

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