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May 13, 2021
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Insurgency: Pressure Mounts on Government to Abandon Deradicalisation Agenda

By Surukusku Dalori

Amidst increasing insurgents’ attacks in the North East,pressure is mounting on the government and the military authorities to stop the ex-insurgents’ rehabilitation and resettlement programme.

The programme which is a standard recommendation of certain counter terrorism schools is frequently recommended and funded by donor agencies on the assumption that insurgents can be re-educated to abandon extremist religious ideology.

New Eastern schools of counter terrorism are however noting that experience with Islamic related fundamentalism and insurgency is proving a hard nut to crack as rehabilitated ex-insurgents are alleged to be finding their way back to the terrorists’ camps.

Also the arguments that lack of job and poverty account for the swelling of the insurgents ranks are proving puerile in the face of ex-terrorists who after full state and donor support still allegedly escaped the normal society into which they were reintegrated.

While statistics are not available ,most experts in the field are raising doubt about the efficacy of the strategy in the face of gruesome murders of many innocents civilians and high death rate within the army.

Sahel Standard investigation and consultation with many stakeholders showed that the increasing consensus is that not only has deradicalisation failed but the notion that there are moderate and hardline wings among terrorists organisations is a false flag.

“IS/ISWAP/Boko Haram ideology is not what an adherent can be weaned off or one that gives room for liberal and hardliner. This is a religious indoctrination which is deep and addictive.The matter is beyond poverty and joblessness. The western counter terrorism strategies are not like the Chinese reform strategy for muslims. We are simply pampering ex-insurgents here in Nigeria”,an unorthodox counter terror analsyst told Sahel standard.

“There is also the Russian counter terror model which has worked so far to rid the Russian federation of terrorism.The idea that a pat on the back for a supposedly repentant terrorist can win the terror war is a huge conspiracy concept created and expanded by western counter terror schools. It has not worked because the concept strengthens rather than weakens insurgents.

“Look at Somalia which is following the same Western practice.Al Sabab is gaining strength because deradicalisation enables the insurgents to infiltrate the government military and counter insurgency structures. The same thing is happening in Mali where the French are failing to record success in the counter terror war in the Sahel”,the source noted on condition of anonymity.

The deradicalisation programme was a project supported by many local and international agencies.The military and security agencies have been following up with implementation.

Just recently,the Nigerian military authorities said that no fewer than 608 repentant Boko Haram insurgents are currently undergoing De-radicalisation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (DRR) Programme by Operation Safe Corridor (OSC) at Malam-Sidi, Gombe State.

Brig-Gen. Musa Ibrahim, Commandant DRR Camp OSC said 14 of the repentant insurgents were foreigners from Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic.

Ibrahim said: “From inception, we received 893 out of which 286 graduated and were returned to their respective states and countries for reintegration’’.

He said the personnel in the camp were working diligently with the mandate of OSC in conformity with international best practices.

According to him, the success of the programme will go a long way in restoring peace and security to the North East in particular and the country as a whole.

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