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September 18, 2020

Pro-Tinubu Groups Flourish in the North

Despite his warning against early campaign for 2023, loyalists of former Lagos State governor,Asiwaju Bola Tinubu are daily spreading their tentacles in the northern region.

The former governor had on a recent visit to President Muhammadu Buhari described campaigns for 2023 as premature and a distraction for the presidency in its efforts to deliver on campaign promises.

His supporters are however ignoring his admonition with increasing subterranean planting of structures and proxy groups across Arewa critical states .Aside Asiwaju. Mandate Group that is already holding public meetings in Kano,Jigawa,Sokoto,Borno among others,about five more groups have emerged,recruiting politicians across party lines into their folds.

A chieftain of one of the group in kaduna who is a retired military officer confirmed that an underground movement is developing across the North to support Tinubu presidency.

Speaking anonymously because of the sensitivity of the issue,the General turned politician said ” we are rooting for Tinubu for many reasons.We are not worried about all what the southern press are writing about him.

“Many of us are aware of his contribution to get our man into Aso Rock.Forget all negative reports on Tinubu,this is a payback time.We are mobilising grassroot in the North for him. We want a thoroughbred politician to succeed President Buhari”,he stated.

He however refused to list the arrow heads of the campaign,noting that the contact committee started work immediately after the inauguration of President Buhari for second term .

On speculation that the north will use and dump Tinubu,he has this to say: “We don’t dump our benefactor.We installed Obasanjo even when Yoruba vote d against him.We can do it again”,he stressed .

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