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October 23, 2020
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Leah Sharibu Hypnotised into Marriage-Report

….Boko Haram: UniMaid Female Student Abducted…

A 100-level student of Zoology of the University of Maiduguri (UniMaid) Borno State, Miss Lillian Daniel Gyang, who was abducted alongside others two weeks ago, is still in the custody of Boko Haram terrorists, Intelligence sources have confirmed.

This is coming as sources also revealed that contrary to reports, Ms Leah Sharibu, who has been in the terrorist’s captivity since her abduction in 2018, was not forced into marriage but was rather enticed and hypnotised by one of the insurgents’ commanders.

PRNigeria gathered that efforts are being made by relevant agencies and stakeholders towards the safe release of the captives to the family.

Gyang, the 20-year-old female student hails from Barkin Ladi Local Government Area (LGA), of Plateau State. She is of Berom ethnic nationality and was abducted on January 9, 2020, on her way to Maiduguri alongside Mr. Ropvil Dalep, a Biology student at UNIMAID, who was later killed in a video released by Boko Haram.

Both undergraduates, were returning to UNIMAID after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Meanwhile, security services and negotiators were already aware since last year that Leah Sharibu was impregnated by one of the leaders of Boko terrorists but kept the circumstance secret as they assiduously worked towards her safe release from the custody.

An intelligence source reliably told PRNigeria that Leah, who has been in the custody of the dare-devil insurgents since February 2018, was not forcefully converted to a sex slave but wooed by one of top Boko Haram members.

Leah, the sole Christian among the initially abducted 110 students of Government Girls’ Science and Technical College Dapchi, Yobe State, was ‘hypnotized’ by the ‘warm reception’ and ‘friendly manner’ she was been treated by the BH members who kept her in hostage.

The source said: “The insurgents and their commanders have since devised a clever, deceptive and persuasive way to entice and woo girls and women whom they love and separate them from those confined to forced labour and sex-slavery after their abduction.

“Leah Sharibu was not coaxed or forced to renounce her faith. According to the information, we gathered she willingly accepted the man and converted. She was not raped serially by anyone but willingly submitted herself to one of the insurgents through enticement.”

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  1. This is shockingly irresponsible journalism. You crafted this story to give the public that Leah Sharing is an adult woman and consented to ‘marrriage’ and sexual intercouse. You deliberately mixed up the Leah story with that of 20-year-old abducted undergraduates to give the impression that Leah is 20 years old.
    Your editors hid the truth that Leah was 14 when she was forcibly kidnapped from the custody of Yobe State Government (school) and that neither Yobe or the federal government has lifted a finger to free her.
    Even if your source told you that Leah “willingly accepted the man and converted” your editors know that Leah was AND still is a minor. And a minor can’t give sexual or marriage consent. This is the narrative of ignorant malams in northern Nigeria, who only ‘memorized’ but never read the Quran to know that a marriage without the guardian or parent’s consent is void.
    Your editors are fully aware of these but failed in their first duty to the public and chose to spew propaganda for other considerations.

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