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May 13, 2021
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New Attack by Boko Haram on Lake Chad

RFI-A Chadian army patrol was attacked overnight from Wednesday to Thursday on one of the islands in Lake Chad. A second attack in three days shows that the Islamists of Boko Haram are behind the attacks on the armed forces of the countries engaged against the terrorist movement.

It was in Choa, one of the islands of Lake Chad, that the Chadian army patrol was attacked by Boko Haram elements in the middle of the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The soldiers fight back. Exchange of heavy fire.

After a while, the attackers decided to retreat, leaving 21 bodies on the battlefield. On the side of the loyalists, there are three dead and three wounded.

The attack, which was probably carried out by the Boko Haram wing that occupies the northern shores of Lake Chad, is the second in three days.

In recent weeks, several observers have noted that Boko Haram is on the initiative because the troops of the joint multinational force which brings together the countries bordering Lake Chad cannot act at this time, the lake has not yet started to recede .

Meanwhile, elements of Abou Moussa El Barnaoui who occupy the northern periphery of Lake Chad, multiply the attacks by changing their operating mode as if to show that Boko Haram was broken three years ago, but has not yet been wiped out.

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