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May 13, 2021
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As Borno Finds Solace in Zulum by Usman Yahaya

It is evidently clear that when a leader becomes a servant of his wards, the whole World admires him. Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State has proved to the world that Africans too can govern with fairness, justice and equity, no matter the hurdles and obstacles. 

We are used to a leadership where an elected public official can only be seen in a long motorcade of dark glass exotic sport utility vehicles (SUV) amidst tied security or in the screen of television. It seemingly turns to be like a leader in my country is doing a favour to a common man for being in an office that was actually purchased for him by the common man. 

It is indeed strange in African system of leadership to have a leader, thoroughly committed to his people and, at the same time, led by example through personally handling everything that concerns the common man. Instead of being on top of every situation in their domain, they choose to be flying jets over our roofs or attending social gatherings that may not have any positive impact on the lives of people. 

Such enervated attitude of leadership is a taboo in the life of a person called Babagana Umara  Zulum. A gentle hustler in the streets of Borno who managed to finance his education to a level of professor in the university, and believes in the benevolence of hard work indeed deserves and accolade. 

Zulum appears to be different in terms of leading by example; he personally supervised the distribution of relief materials to IDPs, he detested the extortion of commuters by the people who were supposedly the enforcement agents, he is always available in his primary assignment, he adorably ensures due diligence in civil service, he is indeed the best and perfect description of a robust head and purposeful leadership.

Indeed, in Zulum, Nigerian political space finds a new coach that may help steer the direction of our frenzy system of leadership to more and more people oriented policies, and the gap between the government and the governed may soon be bridged so that our country will be rightly placed in the global scale of purposeful leadership and justice.

 * Usman Yahaya Misau  can reached through usmanayahaya@gmail.com

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