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April 20, 2021
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Baleria’s former Wife Speaks -alleges ex Hubby’s sisters break their marriage

Wife of ex football international, late Kabiru Baleria, Mrs.Tabitha Adamu Boyer, has accused Baleriya’s sisters of separating her with their brother.

Baleria who was Kano Pillar’s Team Manager,died on Tuesday in a Kano hospital and was buried according to Muslim rites.

Mrs.Boyer ,in a phone chat exclusively with select journalists on Wednesday, said newspaper reports were blaming her for no reason ,without hearing her side.

Tabitha Boyer, now married to an American in Chicago and settled with 4 of Baleria’s children in USA,confided in journalists that being originally a Christian before she married Baleria during her University days,her ex husband’s sisters had continued to discriminate against her,often telling the world that “Kabiru Baleria had married an infidel.”

These,coupled with other hateful remarks on her allegedly by the sisters in their home in Kano, Nigeria, made her suffered untold hardships which almost claimed her life.

” I was in UK before I later moved to America….,”she said.

The 4 children, 3 girls and a boy,were in school in Chicago and one was recently celebrated as the best in her high school class.

“I told you it’s his sisters that separated us.He actually died of leukemia.., cancer of ….and ….,now newspapers are blaming me for no reason.”

” He left 6 children and an unborn child.’
“Remember, they ( sisters) made him come to Chicago to stop me from getting papers. They went to immigration…”

“He got married and had 3 kids, the last one died last year as a baby…….”
“I left him in 2002 but officially in court ,2004.”

Speaking further she explained that while in UK , Baleria allegedly used his connection to England to revoke her visa.

“His sister said I can’t travel outside Nigeria but my God fought for me and I was relocated to USA.”

“The sister and her daughter lured Baleria to come to Chicago and went to the immigration and lied to them not to let me stay.The late Baleria did same and obtained a letter according to them ,and came to my church in Chicago to fight me but my pastor intervened .That was in 2015.”

” I was detained for 52 hours in police custody ,one day in Abuja life camp police cell and then transferred to Kano for abduction.Can a woman kidnapped her own kids? On Monday I was taken to a Sharia Court in Fagge,Kano and the judge gave me back my children that were taken from me for two years from 2008 to 2010?”

“Amina went to pick the children from my parents in Maiduguri. She separated them ,my children ,especially the twins who went through trauma , the boy was more or less an Almajiri ,so I fought and got my children back.”

” However,before he passed on, Baleria has been communicating with us in secret because of the fear of his sister,the so called Iron Lady of the family .He died,loving his family in Chicago,” she said.

Mrs.Boyer,however,hoped to visit Nigeria, her country of origin, someday ,where she
still enjoyed lots of goodwill from family members and old school mates.

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