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April 23, 2021
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Power Should remain in the North-Joji

By Sardauna Ibrahim

Managing Director of Sky power Express,  Captain Mohamned Joji
has disagreed with Governor El-Rufa’i’s position that the Presidency should move to the south in 2023.

Joji insisted that democracy was a game of number.

“I’ve a different opinion with El-Rufa’i, since democracy is a game of number, let it be,” he said.

The aviation expert took a swipe at Emir Sanusi’s remarks ,saying it was wrong to deliberately write your own obituary.

The Emir of Kano was recently quoted to have said that the North would destroyed itself.

However, Joji in an interview,said “I don’t believe that statement…nobody deliberately write their  own obituary …’

“If the North destroyed itself, there cannot be Northern Nigeria today.”

On the massive poverty in Northern Nigeria and the worsening case of Almajiri,he said ” an average Northerner, some of them we call them educated illiterate ,you marry one wife ,you are given  a contract,instead of you to better the life  of your wife and children,you add another wife again ,look for chieftaincy title.That’s foolishness.”

“And then it is only in the North you see somebody wear a big gown and come to your house in the morning to beg.”

On the allegation that those who ruled Nigeria as Presidents or heads of state, were ,majority of Northern extraction ,yet the North lagged behind compared to other regions,he said the leaders were not to be blamed but the Northerners.

” The Northerners are not contented with what God gives then. I’ve never seen an Igbo man or Yoruba man coming to my house to beg.”

“Kaduna streets now,99per cent of shops are owned by the Igbo and Yoruba. We are in the North here,what are they doing? The Northerners are complacent,” he said.

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