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April 15, 2021
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Arewa Youth chide Northern Billionaires

-,say they should emulate Jack Rick

By Danjuma Abdullahi

Delighted by the foundation laying ceremony of Daura Children Hospital, the Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA) has described the sponsor,   President of Balema Oil, Tien Jack Rick who is from Rivers State as a worthy son of the North than its own billionaires that have done nothing for the region.

This was expressed in a statement signed by  Speaker Arewa Youth Assembly. Mohammed Salihu Danlami.

“The leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA) sends its profound gratitude, appreciation, to Tien Jack Rick, the President and founder of Belema Oil for ground breaking/foundation laying ceremony of Daura Children Hospital, Daura Katsina State first of its kind in Northern Nigeria.

“The Sarkin Ruwan Hausa who has started and completed many laudable projects in many states across Northern Nigeria,  including Bauchi, Borno, Katsina, Sokoto and Kaduna among many others.

“No wonder, he has received many traditional titles as appreciation from many emirates in Northern Nigeria due to his gigantic contribution  in alleviation of poverty and  suffering in Northern Nigeria.

“Jack Tien Rick who happens to be an indigene of Rivers state has done so many things worthy of praises for the North than many millionaires and billionaires didn’t do for their people in Northern Nigeria,” it stated.

In the statement titled, “The Re- Birth of Sir Ahmadu Bello” the AYA said that he has touched the lives of widows, orphans, destitute and has been awarding series of scholarships to countless number of  students.

“Since the untimely death of  Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardaunan Sokoto who was the architect of Northern Nigeria and we never knew a day was going to come when a fighter and  liberator of Northern Nigeria aside Sardaunan Sokoto will emerge.

“No doubt, Jack Rick Tien is fulfilling the will and dreams of our founding father, Sir Ahmadu Bello of Blessed memory as he happens to be a replica of Sardauna in the spirit of been de-tribalised, nationalistic, patriotic,  youth empowerment, cultural development, unity in diversity and an astute leader.

“We want to use this medium to call on the people of Northern Nigeria to make maximum use of this golden opportunity given to them and also imbibe the maintenance culture in order to ensure passage of commissioned projects to the next generation,” the group said.

The statement charged benefiting communities to make judicious use of the gifts and projects.

“The maintenance of these projects will serve as motivation for Mr Jack Rick to do more in addition since he’s determined  as ordinarily he might choose to use his wealth on flashy and expensive things instead he chooses to help others,” it added.

AYA said that the fourty-five year old Mr Jach Rick from Kula Rivers State,  has shown his commitment to the alleviation of the suffering of people of Northern Nigeria more than their own sons who are also billionaires but are using their wealth other wise.

They vowed to intensify prayers for God to continue protecting  Mr. Rick.

“The holy days are here as lent period has started for the Christian brothers and sisters and the last ten days of Ramadan month are close by for the Muslim brothers and sisters.

“These two periods, we will set aside days for special prayers for Mr Tien Jack Rich for God to continue guiding, protecting him, bless him more, favour him and his family. May the spirit of Nigeria’s  founding fathers always be with him”.

They   therefore, called on the Federal Government to notice the good works of Mr Jack Rick across the nation since the inception of Belema Oil three years ago as their performance has surpassed other existing oil companies who have been operating for decades.

“The federal government should thus encourage, acknowledge and support Mr Jack where and when necessary.

“Lastly, we are pleading with the entire people of North and Nigeria at large to emulate the path of this unique Nigerian who indeed is a re- birth of Sardauna,” it concluded.

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