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May 17, 2021
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#APC: Why Giadom is Best Replacement for #Oshiomole -Eze

Press Release : The forthcoming emergency meeting of APC NEC should mark the end of the Oshiomhole era of brigandage and a fresh impetus for the change mantra that ushered in the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari,Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze has declared.

In a statement he personally signed ,Eze said Giadom endorsed by South South APC caucus leaders possesses the legality and the capacity to lead the party before final resolution of her leadership crisis.

“President Buhari must have seen the need for this much needed new beginning when he endorsed the March 17, 2020 NEC meeting, thereby strategically saying bye-bye to Oshiomhole’s crisis-ridden reign.

In setting the stage for the envisaged new beginning, it would be in the interest of the party to allow the current acting National Secretary, Chief Victor Giadom to serve as the bridge between the reckless Oshiomhole era and the search for a meticulous substantive national chairman to lead APC’s march to the Next Level.

Here again I wish to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for consenting to the emergency NEC meeting knowing that it offers a unique platform to resolve the multifaceted challenges rocking our great party and distracting his administration from realizing the giant vision in infrastructure, especially roads and railway transportation.

The noise from the party was not only caused by the suspended national chairman’s high handed, avaricious and fickle minded style of leadership, but also for the impunity and exclusion of critical stakeholders in the management of the entire party structure from wards to the national level.

It is for this reason that President Buhari’s wise decision in consenting to this emergence NEC becomes commendable, because the meeting will go a long way towards rebuilding and strengthening the party for better electoral outings. 

Mr. President’s action will strengthen the party and make it more vibrant, cohesive and united to face the task of giving valuable pieces of advice to government for better running of government for the good of Nigerians and winning the 2023 general elections.

With 14 out of 19 state governors elected on the platform of APC endorsing the formal removal of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, as the National Chairman coupled with his rejection by most APC stakeholders in Edo State and entire South-South region, it is obvious that instead of indulging in fruitless propaganda, Oshiomhole should take honourable option by handing in his resignation.

The embattled national chairman should also apologise to party men and Nigerians, for the shame and embarrassment his untoward style of leadership has caused the party, especially the loss of some key states formerly under the firm grip and control the APC before his emergence as national chairman, especially Oyo, Bauchi, Adanawa and Zamfara States.

At this point I also wish to commend Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, for distancing himself from the damaging style of the outgoing national chairman, which goes to prove that the embattled Oshiomole actually wreaked serious havoc on the soul of the APC.

While it is obvious that Oshiomhole would not continue in office as national chairman under the present circumstances, the purported query issued to Chief Victor Giadom, the interim Coordinating Officer of APC by Oshiomole is childish and laughable, because being suspended, he lacks the power to do so.

Oshiomhole should be advised to stop making further mockery of himself in order not to murder what remains of his person and integrity. It is on this wise also that I commend the South/South APC Caucus, for its single minded resolve to support Chief Victor Giadom’s\nomination as Acting National Chairman, having proved himself capable to run the party creditably and in line with the zoning of the post to the South/South region at the moment. 

“We need a fearless, but humane and committed democrat like Giadom to grapple with the onerous task of repositioning the party according to the visions of the founding fathers and in accordance with the APC manifesto. 

We also use this opportunity to caution those who have taken the party’s internal matter to court in a vain effort to scuttle the emergency NEC meeting to withdraw them immediately to avert the severe sanctions of the party’s disciplinary procedure. 

It is the height of indiscipline for aggrieved party members to rush into litigation without first exhausting the internal dispute resolution mechanism of APC. These class of litigants whose intendment is to abort the emergency NEC should know that their action amounts to an affront to the leader of the party, President Buhari, who has given his nod to the event.”

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