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May 30, 2020
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Chadian President Launches ‘Anger of Borno’ to Flush out Boko Haram

President Idris Deby of Chad has personally launched military operation to flush out Bokk Haram insurgents from Chadian side of Lake Chad.

Deby during the occassion vowed to ensure the defeat of the jihadists whom he accused of inflicting untold hardship on his people and intolerable casualty on the Chadian armed forces.

Declaring that the operation will only end with the defeat of the insurgents ,Deby directed merciless action against the terrorists, describing it as a national.task that must be completed with success.

Boko haram had attacked a military base of the Chadian armed forces killing almost 100 soldiers.The president subsequently relocated to the lake Chad military affected by the attacks to coordinate the counter offensive.

It is however not clear if the Chadian offensive is being carried out in collaboration with the multinational joint task force composed of soldiers from Nigeria,Cameroon,Niger and Chad.

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