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May 14, 2021
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#COVID-19: How does the Smart Lockdown Work?

South African opposition party,DA is proposing a smart lockdown rather than the hard lockdown in operation to save lives and business. The plan is being presented to President Cyril Ramaphosa today. We published details of the proposal which other nations may explore.

“The DA’s Smart Lockdown functions similarly to a load shedding grid or the different stages of water restrictions previously seen during the Western Cape drought, both strategies that are familiar to South Africans. It provides different stages of lockdown relative to the national coronavirus infection rate for every sector of the South African economy and society. The complete Smart Lockdown working paper can be found here. In addition to the introduction of the Smart Lockdown, our Covid-19 strategy for managing lives and livelihoods includes:

“Moving between lockdown stages (different specified stages of economic and social activity) in response to what the data is telling us e.g. about new daily infections and hospital capacity.

“Massive rollout of testing, tracking, tracing, and treatment coupled with transparent reporting of data.

“Massive build of healthcare capacity coupled with transparent reporting of progress data.

“Enabling and strict enforcement of the wearing of protective face masks in all public areas.

“The roll-out of a comprehensive public education campaign: hygiene, diagnosis, handling. This includes health protocols for public spaces and workplaces;

“Assistance to the high-risk group to continue isolating where possible.

“Strict border control.

“Bold economic stimulus/relief package.

“Sweeping reforms in government and to our economy.

Our flexible and implementable Smart Lockdown is demonstrated in the following graphic:

The Smart Lockdown is comprised of four stages:

Red: Stage 4 (hard lockdown)

Orange: Stage 3 (soft lockdown)

Yellow: Stage 2 (soft open)

Green: Stage 1 (open)

“The details of each stage can be found in the extended working document, and can be amended in conjunction with relative stakeholders and government officials.

“By implementing the Smart Lockdown, South Africa can not only continue to contain the coronavirus outbreak, but ensure the revival of our ailing economy.

“Furthermore, through stimulus packages and policy reform we can cushion South Africa against the economic fallout of the existing lockdown, and utilise the proposed public education campaigns to begin to prepare the nation for the necessary lifestyle changes we will have to implement once the lockdown eases and is gradually lifted”

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