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March 7, 2021
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Senator Hadeija under Attacks over Comments on #Jigawa Deaths

Social media users have descended on Senator Ibrahim Hadeija for claiming that fasting and heat wave were responaible for deaths in Jigawa state that were suspected to be of COVID-19 origin.

Many users questioned whether this is the first time fasting is holding in Jigawa state,describing the Senator’s submission as iliterate in all dimensions.

Others questioned why the Senator who is not a medical doctor could offer medical opinion on a matter that is claiming so many lives because of political consideration.

The senator was also alerted to similar situation of alleged mysterious deaths in Bauchi and Kano which later turned out to be COVID-19 related.

“Which manner of illiterate senator is this? “,one social media user asked while another pointedly described the statement credited to the Senator as “dancing foolishly on the grave of the dead”

Senator Hadeija from Jigawa had alleged that fasting, heat and ill health is responsible for current high death rate in Jigawa state and not COVID-19 as being speculated in the mainstream media.

Senator Hadejia representing Jigawa North said COVID-19 was not responsible for the 49 deaths discovered by state government committee.

Speaking in an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, Senator Ibrahim said the deaths in Jigawa involved elderly people with Ill Health who stubbornly decided to fast against medical advice.

“A five-man committee which has a World Health Organisation, WHO, member found only 46 deaths throughout Jigawa. That committee was set up by the governor when he heard the news. The committee went to Hadejia, looking for the veracity of the so-called 100 deaths.

“They did a verbal post-mortem. You know once somebody dies, our people bury him immediately. So, the team asked questions from the relatives of the dead and if there was strong suspicion, they had them tested as well. For now, all the tests done of everybody around the dead, including children and wives, that is over 70 percent tests done, have all come back negative.”,the Senator has claimed.

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