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March 5, 2021
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Ondo2020: Olafeso Writes PDP Leaders

My dear PDP leaders,

As much we would have loved to do this in an elaborate get together, we will have to make do with this means to address you. A means prescribed by INEC and NCDC to curb the spread of COVID-19 in our State and beyond.

After the 2016 elections that we threw away all by ourselves as a result of the choices we made, we are back to the trenches together. Today, you will gather across the State to ratify the three ad-hoc delegates that will be saddled with the responsibility of electing a candidate for our beloved Party at the October polls.

While some left us to lick our wounds all alone, you all stood your ground and worked relentlessly for the development of the Party, an act that culminated in our massive victory at the last general elections. It was not an easy ride. We all suffered together and we danced to the song of victory together. It is a known Yoruba saying that “when the pot cooked in silence, interests are minimal, but when the mortal pounds, everyone is attracted”. As much as we are delighted to receive our prodigal sons, we must, however, be careful not to fall into the same ditch twice. Should we encourage disloyalty at the detriment of loyalty? The opportunity to take charge of our Party and ensure that we are not deceived yet again, is here.

We have heard tales of people who believe your loyalty and value to the Party you’ve laboured so much for can be exchanged for pecuniary gains. We have defended you everywhere, though, that you are men and women of integrity and means who turned a blind eye to the lures of power and stood your ground to remain in the party, even while there was nothing to gain in it. For us, we are not alien to you. While there was everything, we were with you and when the tide changed, we never left you.

We’ve reiterated wherever we go that our dear State, Ondo, has no reason whatsoever being in a perpetual state of penury where nothing works. That’s not the Ondo bequeathed to us by our founding fathers. We are too blessed to still be dependent on federal allocations or overtaxing our people. We have resolved to get Ondo State to be financially independent and stable. We will ensure education at the primary and secondary level is free and our schools conducive enough while tertiary education is affordable. A total overhauling of our health care system will be paramount. Urban and rural development will not be left out. There is no way we can ensure a financially stable Ondo with our roads in bad shapes, so we will fix our roads and make water at arm’s length for each and everyone of us. Our local contractors will work again and capital flight will be expunged. In all these, our people will have jobs to do. Ondo can work and we will ensure that when you elect us as your candidate and later as Governor.

My leaders, we have hammered on the collegiate leadership style as the solution to the disconnect between government and the governed. Governance will be returned to the grassroots, where it truly need to be. You will be our ears and eyes. My experiences in the private and public sector will make us hit the ground running. We have been there and knows exactly how it works.

Many have stood before you to canvass for your vote, but I encourage you to be discerning to know those who want to reap where they sowed not and those who will only lead us to failure at the end of it all. The choice is yours to make.

Thanks and God bless

– Dr. Eddy Eniola Olafeso

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