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March 5, 2021
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APC Factional War Troubles Buhari Presidency

By Shuaibu Abbas, Kebbi

Internal confrontation within the ruling All Progressive Congress ahead of 2023 race is behind the various exposures and counter-allegations now troubling the Buhari Presidency, a political chief known for his hardline position but seeking anonymity has revealed.

“Factions angling to position themselves for advantage in the  run up to 2023 are desperately working to destroy each other. The Lagos caucus versus the upper River Niger group, it is a contentious battle which may get messier.

“More corruption exposure will happen not because of any genuine intent to fight corruption but to destroy to gain upper hand. There is  an internecine war going on and it is going to constitute real headache for the President.

” As it is now, Buhari is not ready to get involved in the factional warfare. He is taken the neutral ground believing that this is time for him to face governance. And he may be right and wrong. The battle among the factions is going to get rougher and it will rope even the Presidency.

” The bitter truth is that contenders while fighting each other are daily enmessing the President. Asiwaju Tinubu, the Osinbajo boys, the Amaechi/El-Rufai caucus and many other forces- the stake is too high.

” The public image crisis is growing. The opposition is cashing in on it. On daily basis, the battle is providing ammunition to the opposition. Nigerians are wondering at the many exposure. So whether the President intervenes or not, the damage is becoming widespread. 

” The only redeeming step is total overhauling of the Administration. This the President may not do. The President is not known for such. So there is a real problem at hand and this is being acknowlegded by many insiders across the North”, the Elder statesman stated.. 

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