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May 13, 2021
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Op-ed: The Suicidal Dance in Osun PDP

By Aderenle Oladipo

The macabre dance in Osun PDP paints a picture of a group without strategic mindset and one which has failed to understand the competing context and whose pettiness undermines whatever is left of electoral value and credibility. The party seems trapped in a cursed competition for relevance at a time the incumbent helmsman has launched a re- election bid. Osun PDP daily writes its political dirge, joyfully telling the world: ” we are mere jokers”

The infighting among factions within the party smacks of demarketing politicking financed and oiled by party chiefs instead of the ruling party they are supposed to be competing with. Reading attacks and counter-attacks, one cannot but help to ask: why are people going crazy? Yes, crazy because the infighting is a stupid tantrum of a politically unserious platform.The amount of negative outputs in the last few months is sufficient to nail PDP in the next election. In fact, there is nothing left to attract voters to reject the incumbent. At least, no sane person will want to jump from frying pawn to fire.

Across the factions, you wonder what their leaders are thinking. Starting from the last election, the party has not improved or enhanced her worth. The opposition party is depreciating in value on daily basis at a time the incumbent governor is re-evaluating, amending past errors and re- positioning to win the people. What value has Osun PDP added to its brand. The brand if any exist has been battered and dented so deeply that you can hardly recognise how the party nearly won the governorship in 2008.

What is the policy content of Osun PDP? What is the strategic outlook of Osun PDP? Worst case is that the party seems somehow anti-intellectual in posture. It apparently lacks any think tank and more inclined to “bolekaja” politicking. The intellectuals within the party appears to have retreated in the face of downward spiral movement. The party is at odd with the widely accepted saying that politics is a serious business. Yes, serious business demanding serious planning. The business of politics is more or less like the business of business. Why will people think strategic planning is not relevant to politics? Why will a party that is hoping for a win still be running an archaic, chaotic, illiterate,shallow minded system?

I read so many materials about Adagunodo and the Adeleke family. The depth of attacks and confrontation only guarantee one fact- mutually assured destruction. The curse of Lagos is now entrenched in Osun. After several years, Lagos PDP is still swimming in that pool of enchantment and confusion. The bitterness in Osun PDP has assured the ruling party of a guaranteed route for survival. From a very unpopular platform in 2008, the incumbent governor has systematically launched a love arrow into the hearts of Osun people.

Somebody said Osun APC is divided and just like PDP, has its own internal feud. I asked the fellow if he really realised that the APC is a strategy driven party especially in the South West. With Moshood Adeoti back in the ruling party, is a soothsayer needed to predict a solid regrouping ahead of 2022? Even before the ongoing internecine war in PDP, was it a strategy driven party?

Osun people are watching very keenly. Let the PDP continue the battle. At least,it will speed up decision making for the people. Let have more dirty linen washed in public. It is good for the electorate to make right choice in 2022. Let the leaders on both sides not rethink. At least, it will educate the public about how not to entrust power into the hands of a group ungrounded in strategic thinking and governance policy.

Yes, before I round up this piece. It may be necessary to note that a paradigm shift is a must going into the future. The template of 2008 cannot work in 2022; the environment has changed. Decision structures cannot continue to be imbecilically driven; bolekaja style is no longer acceptable. In fact, the purse is no longer enough to dictate terms; strategic content must be on the table.

More importantly, the standard should be elevated; standard operating procedures in 21st century politicking should be the norm. Interestingly, those style is what the incumbent has embraced. How do you beat him without raising the bar?

Finally, we need more drama on the political scene. Please let do more demarketing.

■ Aderenle Oladipo writes from Oluyole estate, Ibadan.

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