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November 24, 2020
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Chevron Given 7-Days To Recall Sacked Workers By NUPENG

The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has given seven days to Chevron management to recall sacked workers or face the wrath of the union.

NUPENG president, Comrade Williams Eniredonana Akporeha, in a statement, said there were illegal deduction of workers’ benefits in big six oil firms since 2012 and flagrant refusal to refund to the terminated workers the excess deductions made in their meagre terminal benefits.

He said there was continuous discrimination against contract workers as evident by the refusal of Chevron management to pay quarantine allowances to contract workers as it was done to all permanent workers, whereas they all contributed to the production and profits of the organisation, despite suffering the same inconveniences during the period of quarantine.

Reiterating the threat against Chevron, NUPENG president said the sacked contract workers must be recalled to work immediately, status quo maintained, while Chevron Nigeria Limited and its contractors properly engage the leadership of the union on all matters raised for firm and final resolutions.

“We wish to emphasise here, that this lack of respect and sensitivity to Nigerian extant labour law, international conventions and global best practices is gradually becoming the stock in trade of Chevron Nigeria Limited and its various contractors as there are still several other lingering infractions and issues against hapless workers yet to be addressed by Chevron and its contractor even after several regulatory institutions had severally ruled on these matters,” he pointed out.

Following this development, he, on behalf of oil workers, called on relevant stakeholders to call Chevron and its service contractors to order to avert avoidable industrial action from the union.

“In the interest of industrial peace and harmony, our demands must be met within the next seven days, otherwise we may be forced to call out all our members on a nationwide industrial action. Consequent upon this, all NUPENG members, are by this press release, put on red alert.” (By Leadership Newspaper)

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