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September 28, 2020
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22 Bodies Recovered In Zwara, Libya

22 bodies were retrieved by the Libyan Red Crescent in Zwara, Libya, IOM Libya, Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration, Federico Soda, tweeted today, Sunday,  August 23, 2020.

Tweeting via her handle, @fedsoda,  Federico Soda, said: “Today, 22 bodies were retrieved by the Libyan Red Crescent in Zwara, #Libya.

“These painful deaths are the result of the increasingly hardening policy towards people fleeing conflict and extreme poverty, and a failure to humanely manage migration flows.”Many users of the social media have been reacting to the post.

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Caroline Frampton

@Up_yours_Haftar, replying to

@fedsoda, said:

“Can you please confirm how many of the deceased were in contact with @IOMlibya re voluntary return prior to departure as the majority may not have applied for or qualified for asylum. Does your policy and advocacy goals only extend to people who are in the water?”

Caroline Frampton

@Up_yours_Haftar replying to


“Can you please confirm what assistance was provided to Libyan survivors of the latest ship wreck as there seems to have been multiple launches which are not documented by your organisation?”

Timi Groner

@GronerTimi, said: “No, the dead are the result of a provoked distress at sea and a high probability of rescue with transfer to Europe.  That’s the problem.  First of all, all travelers should in principle be brought back to the start.  Yes, to Libya.  IOM and UNHCR then have to take care of it.” (By Voice of African Immigrant)

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