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September 22, 2020
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Address of the PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus at the Inauguration of the Ondo state Governorship Campaign Council at the Party Hqs Wadata Plaza, Abuja on Friday August 28, 2020.

I sincerely welcome you to this very important meeting marking the formal inauguration of the party’s National Campaign Committee for the October 10, 2020 governorship election in Ondo state.

The choice of this formidable campaign team was carefully done by the party leadership to achieve the desired result. The main goal of this National Working Committee, NWC, is to recover all original PDP states currently in the hands of the opposition.

On September 19, 2020 by God’s grace and the dogged efforts of both National and state Campaign Committees, Edo state will return to the PDP. We expect to carry the euphoria of Edo victory to Ondo on October 10 and relieve the good people of Ondo from the bad governance witnessed in that state in last three and half years.

Your Excellencies, leaders of our great party, your committee has this huge responsibility of helping the people of Ondo state realize their dream of making their choice the way they desire.

At this juncture, I am reiterating my earlier call on President Muhammadu Buhari and his party the APC, to ensure that the election field is made level for all to enable the good people of Ondo state make their choice without hindrance of any kind.

This government can do this by ensuring that they respect the Constitution and the Electoral Act as well as the ruling of Supreme Court of Nigeria that say that security operatives particularly the military should not meddle on election matters outside providing adequate and equal security to all the parties within the requirements of the law.

PDP therefore expects that in both Edo and Ondo states elections, the military should be kept out of it completely and Police and other security agencies who are supposed to be at election venues should be made to operate within the dictates of the law.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, should refuse to be intimidated and strive to always carry out their duties strictly as set out by the law. Intelligence available to us shows that the out going APC Government in Ondo state in its panic has hurriedly gone ahead to launch the local security outfit AMOTEKUN, with the aim of deploying them to intimidate and harass opponents.

We want to warn that state security outfits are at experimental stages and any abuse will mean the end of it. The people of the South West desired AMOTEKUN, to secure them, anything otherwise would be undermining the will of the people.

I will not end this address without putting a word on the raging debate on the newly signed controversial bill, the Company and Allied Matters Acts, CAMA. The new law permits the registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, and supervising Minister to strictly supervise and scrutinize the financial operations of non-governmental organizations including religious places as well change their trustees.

I find this needless especially at this time that a government that is confronted with myriads of problems and with loopholes in every government departs they cannot block wants to look into the finances of religious places as their priority. Has any church or Mosques complained of financial misappropriation? And even if they do, these religious houses have internal mechanism of resolving their problems including changing their leaders not for government that is engrossed in corruption to do it for them. The government and the National Assembly should revisit this law because the nation’s numerous challenges need the good will of the people especially the praying houses. We also note the curious rush to pass and sign this controversial law by the National Assembly and the President and wonders why such speed cannot be seen in critical laws like the amendment and quick signing of the Electoral Act.

Your Excellencies, leaders of our great party, your assignment requires all hands to be on deck, you are therefore expected to take the PDP message to the people.

The glaring performance of PDP governors in all our states remains a benchmark of governance and they speak volume.

The good people of Ondo state also deserve this better governance than what they are getting with APC now. I wish you success in this huge task and I hereby INAUGURATE this committee.

Thank You and God bless.

Prince Uche Secondus

PDP, National Chairman.

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