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October 27, 2020
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Nigeria To Be Vigilant In Border Areas of Niger, Others Against Polio’ Says WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) representative in Nigeria, Dr.
Walter Kazadi Mulombo said the country should continue to be vigilant
in border areas of Niger, Chad, Benin and Cameroon to prevent polio.

According to him, it’s to keep immunization coverage high enough to
protect all children against the wild polio virus.
Mulombo disclosed this Friday, while presenting last surviving wild
polio virus I (WPV1) case from Monguno, at Emergency Operation Centre
(EOC), Maiduguri.

He said the last surviving case in Nigeria, was Modu Busami, a
six-year old child from Monguno ward of Monguno council of Borno
“Modu was hit with polio on August 6, 2016 and was notified and
investigated within a week by health workers,” he said.
He said Nigeria need to remain vigilant and continue with
surveillance; to make sure that all the children get immunized.

He said this is to keep the immunization coverage high enough to
protect all the children; until such time that the global eradication
is achieved.
He added that two countries in Asia, do not have any wild polio virus
after declaring African countries free of the virus.

“Polio anywhere is risk of polio re-introduction everywhere,” he warned.
According to him, communities in the border areas be engaged in
getting all children vaccinated against polio.
The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, also
disclosed that; “Nigeria was the last country that was hold in Africa
to become polio free,” noting that it just an opportunity back
bringing hope and life to people that were by deadly disease.

On last surviving polio case, he said: “Now that it is eradicated you
can see that a child like Modu Bosami, is again back to become a
productive member of us and his family and Monguno community.

“The symbol of a computer give to Modu is a demonstration that there
is hope and an end difficult turmoil he has been through.
“It is exciting that finally polio is behind us in Africa. And I’m so
pleased to see Modu the last case standing close to us here this
Friday morning and giving me that inspirations that there is will.
“This is the beauty of the tone.

“We should continue to ensure that children are vaccinated at their
appropriate ages with right vaccines to the outbreak of this disease
While the parents of Modu, were excited over his survival against
polio, Bulama Kachallah and Aisha Kolo wanted to send their child to
school, but could afford it.

“We’re grateful to both WHO and Borno state government for save our
child from this deadly virus. Many children were disabled and killed,
while battling with the virus.
“But today here in Maiduguri, Modu is with us along his younger female
child with her mother,” said Kachallah.

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