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October 25, 2020
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Kano-Niger Republic Rail: Buhari commitment to Nigeria doubtful- Group

A group of elder statesmen have condemned Federal Government’s $1.9b  commitment to construct Kano – Niger Republic Rail project. 
The group in a statement Chief E K ClarkChief Ayo Adebanjo, Chief John Nwodo and DR Pogu Bitrus stated that announcement of the building of a $1.9b Rail from Kano to Niger Republic is one more reason that Gen Muhammadu Buhari’s comittment to Nigeria is no more than the resources “he can take from the country to fund his ethno-religious sensibilities outside the country” .
The group said committing such an amount to another country at a time Nigerians are being punished with atrocious prices of petroleum and electricity prices confirms Mr President is loyal to a different civilization. 
They noted that the president is abusing his leadership of Nigeria to promote other countries. 
“This project is being promoted at a time the Calabar-Lagos rail that is of great economic importance has been abandoned.
” We wonder what explanation the minister of Transportation will have to give to the people of South – South for abandoning such a project while committing to the wasteful project to Niger Republic” the statement said.

“It is not lost on us the absolute lack of  integrity of this goverment in lying to us that the rail is being constructed to the border when Maradi  is over one hour to the border of Niger with Nigeria. 
” This insensesitive project is one more reason different nationalities in Nigeria should ask Buhari serious questions on his overt submission to those he shares civilisation with outside this country at the expense of those he deceives to be fellow Nigerians” the group said.
The group therefore called for total reject ion of the project adding that it amounts to “squandering of our resources on another country” .

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