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March 7, 2021
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All Police are Sars- PeacePro

Urges FG to declare national emergency on police

A Non Governmental Organization, Foundation for Peace Professional (PeacePro) has declared support for the ongoing #endsars mass protest currently going on across the federation, advising the protesters to exercise  their right to peaceful protest without infringing on the rights of others or allowing the protest be hijacked by those who do not share in their motive.

The organization also said that victims of police brutality cannot be told how to cry, adding that the declaration ending sars as made by the inspector general of police doesn’t translate to ending police brutality in the country.

In a statement by its Executive Director, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, PeacePro explained that, the ongoing protest against Special Anti Robbery Squared (Sars) is just a symbolic representation of the police, noting that the real motive of the protest is to demonstrate public disdain against the rot in Nigeria Police Force and calling for an end to police impunity.

According to Hamzat, government has misunderstood the real meaning of the ongoing protest, noting that the misunderstanding of the endsars protest is an indication that there’s wide disconnection between the government and the people and the earlier the gap is bridged, the better for the country.

Hamzat also explained that, in the eyes of the youth, every police officer is sars, because all police stations in the country are taking money for bail without any consequences, even when bail is free is boldly written all over them.

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He also added that, all police officers coercing motorist for bribe on highways are also seen as sars by the people and only a commitment to fundamental reforms can win public confidence.

In his words, “EndSars protest didn’t end when sars was said to be disbanded because the protest is against police and not sars and because all previous declaration by government often ended up as mere rhetorics”

“All across the federation, people are languishing in police cells because they can’t afford to pay bribe and many have lost their lives in the process without any remedy other than mere statement from government” he said.

Hamzat maintained that, any attempt to forcefully end this protest will backfire on government because this is the first opportunity Nigerians have to cry and preventing them from crying may not be the best option.

PeacePro therefore call on the authority to declare a national emergency on the police, with the aim of developing a new and people oriented operational model.

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