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March 7, 2021
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Why We Do Not Need A Leader for #ENDSARS

By Isaiah Nuhu 

I respectfully disagree with the advice and clamor to elect a leader at this time. Any attempt to elect leaders will be infiltrated by old disease of tribalism, religious and regional sentiments over human dignity. What made this movement a success is the “Organic Self-Collective Governance” This is a novel concept of collective leadership championed by a new reality in human evolution.

 We live in an unprecedented time where capitalism continue to prove its inability to sustain human civilization in a sustainable manner.

It is worthy to note that, the head represent the working agency (processor) of any system. Cut the head off you kill the body and waste it easily.


The advantage of having a multi head who are all self-independent and yet interdependent is the new most effective form of collective leadership especially in a digital age. This principle is consistent with the UBUNTU spirit philosophy of African “I am because we are” and “We are because I am” this model promotes Individual and Collective leadership, Individual and Collective Responsibility for an Individual and Collective future.

Let’s allow the yearning for accountability, Justice, Equity and freedom to prevail without any form of old methodology of individual leadership as the only form of organization. Indeed, we have been able to prove the possibility of organizing for action without any figure head leader.


Mr Nuhu  tweets at @expongosis and can be reached through isaiahnuhu@gmail.com 

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