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February 26, 2021
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#EndSars Movement, a Gathering of Political Vultures- Miyetti Allah

For weeks now citizens, especially our youths have taken to the streets to demand an end to SARS or Police brutality and also requesting for a reform of the Nigerian Police Force.

Thankfully, these demands have been made by the Federal Government, and ordering arrest and persecution of those Police officers involved in extra-judicial killings of citizens.

And since the Federal Government has heard and accepted the issues raised by the protesters, it is only wise for the protesters to stop as government needs time to implement their demands.

The protests have yielded the desired results with the government accepting their genuine demands and working to address all of them.

For us, Nigerian citizens came out of to demand for justice and the government responded positively.

It is therefore, unacceptable for the protesters to now involve blocking of roads, thereby denying other citizens the right to use the roads. This is an attempt to ground the country and create more suffering in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

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The ethnic and regional colouration of the protests. Some people from certain regions trying to undermine and overthrow a democratically elected government or intimidate the North to give up its rights to rule beyond 2023.

The insistence to continue to protest even when government has made concessions. The open defiance is reckless, provocative. Denial of access to means of livelihood can lead to fracas and conflict.

The demands of the protesters are nebulous, inconsistent, haphazard, whimsical, and impossible to meet.

According to Segalink, the person who started the whole thing, the protest has been hijacked and is being engineered by elements from abroad and some wealthy individuals from their mansions.

Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore is calling on the sponsors of this particular protest headed by the former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu as exposed by Prof. Adebesi of University of Ibadan to immediately stop this demonstration.

Our findings also revealed that, the former Lagos Governor is the sole financier of the ongoing protest having lost out in the plans to contest the Presidential election under the All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2023. His game plan is to bring down the administration of President Muahammadu Buhari, since he cannot longer realized his Presidential ambition.

We will hold him accountable should anything happen to President Buhari’s administration. To avoid this, he must immediately put the protest to an end while the Federal Government put in modalities to address the challenges confronting the nation.

Miyetti Allah commends the maturity and professionalism of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar Adamu despite the violence nature of the protesters.

The IGP’s consistent warning to Police officers and their commander against the use of force on protesters, is indeed commendable and has clearly shown that Police reform is already taking place.

While, it is citizens fundamental rights of freedoms of expression, assembly and movement, Miyetti Allah is again alerting the public, that desperate politicians have hijacked the protest for personal selfish reason. This must not be allowed to continue.

Alh Abdullahi Bello Bodejo(Lamido Fulbe) Engr. Saleh Alhasan FIMC
National President National Secretary

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