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March 5, 2021
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Buni Condoles Families of 69 Slain Policemen, Others in #ENDSARS Protests

Governor Buni Mai Mala of Yobe state, has condoled families of 69
slain policemen, soldiers and residents killed in protests against
Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of police.

According to him, Nigerians are to halt #ENDSARS protests for the
collective corporate interests of the country.

In a statement yesterday (Saturday) in Damaturu, Buni disclosed that;
“We have no other country than Nigeria.”

Buni, who serves as the Caretaker/Extraordinary National Convention
Committee of All Progressive Congress (APC) said that they are
committed to the ideals of democracy and good governance.

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“We recognize the inalienable rights of our citizens to demand for
changes in conditions which trample on their liberties, freedom of
association, freedom of speech and wellbeing through peaceful means
and rule of law,” he noted.

He added that the party also acknowledge the peaceful commencement of
the protests until it became violent.

He lamented that the protests were destructive and disorderly; as
hoodlums regrettably seized the opportunity in the protests and
virtually took over.

While families of protests victims, he said: “On behalf of the
leadership and membership of the APC, we solemnly condole with the
families of our countrymen and the families of policemen who lost
their loved ones.”

He therefore prayed God to grant them the fortitude to bear the losses.

Continued; “We also extend our empathy to all those whose properties
were torched and pray that God will replenish it.

“We pray we never experience such avoidable and unnecessary horrendous
carnage in our dear fatherland.”

He said the President had quickly responded and disbanded the Special
Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police (SARS) as demanded by the
protesting youth.

The party also welcomed decision for comprehensive reforms, including
the review of salaries of the Nigeria Policemen as announced by the

“Our dear Compatriots, let us reflect and embrace peace; at a time of
national tragedy such as this,” he said, noting that it should not be
a time for playing politics.

Instead, he said that it is no time to dance to the gallery to score
cheap political points.

“It is a time for introspection and Nigeria first,” he declared.

He added that; “let’s come together irrespective of our political,
religious and ethnic differences.

“We should rally around the government to build sanity and strengthen
peace and unity to ensure the corporate existence of our country.

“To our youth, your message has been heard loud, clear, and well understood.

“The next stage that must follow is the needed engagement with all the
structures of government to address all the concerns around the
protest and effectiveness of government in general.”

He noted that the youths should extricate themselves from the
activities of the criminal elements who have taken over the protests
to perpetrate violence, destruction of property and attacking innocent

He therefore urged the youths to call off the protests for peace and
normalcy to reign across the country.

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