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April 18, 2021
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IOM, NIDCOM Hold Summit on Nigerians in Diaspora

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in collaboration
with Nigeria in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), is to hold second summit
for 28 states diaspora focal point officers and standing committee on
diaspora Matters.

While announcing the summit, IOM’s Chief of Mission, Frantz Celestin
Monday in a statement in Maiduguri, disclosed that; “Some Nigerians
hope to heave a sigh of relief,” assuring that they are to get the
backings of their country, while in diaspora.
According to him, Mr. and Mrs. Itoro Solomon who live in Legmo,
Germany is a typical example.

He said they are victims of what they both term as injustice.
“They risk losing everything including their nuclear family.
Currently, their three kids ages 5, 4 and 22 months old have been
taken away from them and they have been locked up,” he said.

While lamenting living conditions in diaspora, Mr. Solomon said; “I
live in Legmo. On May 2, 2019, they cut my daughters white hair in
kindergarten and my wife went and confronted the woman who did it.
“I was asked to shut up and my wife got angry and threatened to report
to the head office, the woman told her that she will call them too and
instruct them not to respond to her.

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“We did report the incident to the head office, they apologized and
promised to send us a letter of transfer so she could transfer our
child to another school but surprisingly, five days after; two
Jugendamt women visited our house.

“My baby was crying and my wife was bathing my son.”
He continued; “They inquired why the baby was crying and my wife
replied that it was normal for a baby to cry since she was bathing the
other one. They left.
“About 30 minutes later, my wife received a call that the police were
on the way.

“The Police arrived and placed her under arrest, they forcefully
injected her and took all my children away while I was still at work,”
lamenting that till date, they don’t have access to their children.
He added that since then, they have been battling to claim their
children back, they were instead arrested and detained at YVA Detmold,
Bedefelder police station since last August.

Mr. Solomon’s letter, while in detention reads in part: “We are still
in detention till today. I am writing this letter from my cell.
“Our lives have fallen apart. The pictures of my kids currently breaks
our hearts. We are not even allowed any form of communication with
“I want my family back together, we did not commit any crime, we need
answers to our questions but above all, have our kids back together

Celestin noted that this and many more are the injustices meted out to
Nigerians in foreign countries on a daily basis.
He added that Solomon, who could have channeled his case to, was
however; missing in action as they are yet to appoint a representative
despite being given enough notice.

He said that many countries of origin have formulated polices for
diaspora engagement aimed at leveraging on their overseas communities
as a resource for development.

“Such polices range from securing better welfare conditions for their
migrants abroad, to promoting investment and contributions to
development,” he said, noting that such engagement could be a catalyst
to technology transfer, investment, and economic development of

While thanking EU for its support, he noted that: “In 2017, Nigeria
received remittances up to $22 billion ( about N8.36 trillion) and
became the highest recipient of remittances in Africa and   the
fifth  highest  in   the  world   after  India,   China,  Mexico,
and Philippines.

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