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March 2, 2021
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Rising Insecurity: Group Urges Buhari To Sack Service Chiefs, Says Time For Decisive Action Is Now

As Nigeria continues a downward slide in insecurity with reported cases of kidnapping, banditry and killing, particularly in Northern part of the Country, a grassroot Mobilization group known as Coalition of Nigerian Youth has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to take a decisive action of addressing incessant and consistent kidnapping and killing of citizens, saying such acts if allowed to persist beyond this stage would be very difficult to curtail.

Comrade Mukhtar Muhammad who spoke to reporters as National President of the Group in Kaduna lamented high rate and daily occurrence of incidents of kidnapping, banditry, killing and other forms of heinous crime, attributing it to lack of Commitment and zeal to serve fatherland on the part of public and security chiefs mandated to protect lives and property of law abiding Nigerians whom he noted had suffered so much in the hands of criminals and terrorists.

He queried the insistence of President Buhari on retaining security heads who according to him should have been sacked long ago to give way for fresh minds and ideas to nip the endemic problem of insecurity in the bud before it got to a point of no return.

“It is really baffling to us the adamant of Mr President to keep service chiefs in the face of all these killings across virtually all Northern States and other parts of the regions despite cries from several quarters on him to change them.

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“Our people are being killed, raped and kidnapped on a daily basis with no immediate solution in sight or seriousness by elected office holders to curb the menace. It’s unfortunate that helpless Nigerians have to cry and weep, calling on God for help after they had consistently called on Government for intervention but to no avail.

“Few days ago more than forty-five innocent farmers were slaughtered like animals with their heads chopped off the neck by Boko Haram in Borno State.

“All the presidency could say concerning what happened was to tell the families of the late farmers that they didn’t ask for clearance from the government before going to the farm to work. What a heartless government.

“We have a crisis situation in our hands that should give any sensible and responsible member of this society constant insomniac, for how long do we sit and watch lives of our people brutally taken in the cruelest manner? “He asked.

On rising prices of essentials in Nigerian markets, Comrade Mukhtar conveyed frustration of Nigerians to President Buhari, stating that the masses had been boxed into tight corner where they could no longer live a normal life of eating three square meals daily, pay their children school fees, live in decent homes and have access to good health services, while Government’s officials he said lived a flamboyant life on tax payers’ sweat, adding that such a lopsided arrangement where social inequality and near absence of middle class in the society he said had widened the cleavage between high and low class members of the society.

He knocked the Legislative Arm for not standing for the masses by checkmating anti People policies of the executive such as continuous fuel price increase, closing of borders, hike in VAT among other hardship causing policies attributing them to compounding woes of the masses, urging the lawmakers to wake up from their slumbers and side with their constituents.

Comrade Mukhtar called on Buhari to immediately rejig his cabinet for efficiency and effectiveness, saying the present crop of ministers had done nothing to deliver dividends of democracy to Nigerians since their appointments.

Adding that, the present ministers lack ideas to move their ministries forward to in pact positively on lives of Nigerians, calls on President Buhari to reshuffle his cabinet to give way to fresh heads who willing to deliver.

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