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May 7, 2021
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Assistant CP Axed to Death in Calabar

Gunmen in Calabar, Cross River State, have reportedly killed Egbe Edum, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) serving in No.73 PMF Squadron, Magumeri, Borno State.

The attack happened yesterday about 1am on the Murtala Mohammed Highway in Calabar, by Pepsi depot, sources said.

Police spokesman Irene Ugbo said the deceased came into Calabar to see his family but arrived late.

She said: “He alighted from a commercial vehicle and had called his wife to pick him up before he was attacked. We are investigating the incident and the family has recovered the body from the scene.

“The deceased is an Assistant Commissioner of Police serving in Borno State.”

A lady, identified as Blessing, has killed her boyfriend in Calabar.

The deceased’s name could not be ascertained as at last night but people allegedly called him ‘Email’.

Email sells Indian hemp, and was with friends at his house on Nelson Mandela Street, opposite the Assembly of God Church, when he died.

Blessing’s brother, who pleaded for anonymity, narrated the incident. According to him, his sister passed by the deceased’s house about 11am that day. The deceased and his friend had taken local concoctions, including native charms, against bullet shots, and were testing the efficacy. Others tested and it proved effective but Email told Blessing to shoot him and he died instantly.

Email’s neighbours beat Blessing and she sustained injuries before the police were called to intervene.

The police carried Email’s body and took Blessing to the police hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

Ugbo confirmed the incident.

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