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April 18, 2021
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Tribute to Late Gen. Shehu M. Yar’adua, Gcon, Tafidan Katsina

Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious! From God we came & to Him we return.

Life is worth living and every living soul must test the wrath of death at the ordained time. Everyone has a birth-day and a death-day.

Gen. Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, GCON, Tafida Katsina was born on 5th March 1943 and died on 8th December 1997. As Almighty Allah will have it, today Tuesday, the 8th December 2020 makes it 23 years of his passing away to the world beyond.

Late Gen. SM Yar’Adua was a great Chaos and Crisis Manager of our times. He is gone for good, Insha Allah. However, his words linger on: stand firm, say the truth and be yourself in any situation you find yourself. In one of his quotes: “It is the sacrifice some of us must make for our country Nigeria to be free”.

It is 23 years that you departed this world in mysterious circumstances.

It was so agonizing that life was snuffed out of you. Inna Lillahi wa Inna Illaihi Rajuna! As faithful Believers, every living soul shall live a life circle as ordained by Almighty Allah.

Today, democracy strives for 21 years uninterrupted but faces a lot of challenges as the reality of the cardinal point of True Federalism were never allowed to prevail by political Office holders.

Nigeria in the 21 years of a straight and successful democracy only revels in the irony of life. It is the most difficult time of any leadership in Nigeria, even worse than what led to the civil war.

So much water has gone down the drain in Nigeria.

Today, democracy is undergoing its most difficult times in Nigeria. We pray to Almighty Allah to forgive those of us that are living wherever we have betrayed our country and our democracy.

In politics, late Gen.  Shehu Musa Yar’Adua attracted a welter of less than desirable personalities, who stood in direct and often battling contradictions to his recognized tactical brilliance and the talented associates that also surrounded him. His personal willingness to accommodate unsavory characters that today 2020 are extremely lucky to be alive and wangles within the corridors of power, finds it very difficult to reflect a little backwards on his mentorship.

Life is interesting as SMY age-mates and contemporaries are ruling our beloved country.

O Allah, forgive the soul of late Gen. SM Yar’Adua.

Something fundamental has really gone wrong in our most recent dispensation where life has lost its value. We are so scared to start thinking that those in the graveyards are better than those that are living, as we have seen uncountable lives being snuffed out of people not knowing their offences and those that get involved in the criminal acts have no justifiable reasons to take                                                                                                                                                                              the lives of those presumed to be innocent souls in search of their daily bread.

The situation is scaring but silence is never an answer in the present predicament.

Where did we go wrong? Hardly can anyone at the ages of 54 – 75 years on earth understand what led to our present situation.

Dear late Tafida, we have wronged ourselves as we disagreed with most of your struggles: either we were blind or deaf when you were expressing what the future might hold for us if we deviated from the reality of life or refused to uphold the faithful belief in the right doctrine.

O’Allah provide us the strong heart and mindset to lead right from our homes and shoulder the responsibilities placed upon us.

SMY Sir, you will remain in our hearts within our lifetime as an institution of learning.

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