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May 14, 2021
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TSG Debunk Kperogi’s Claim

Tinubu Support GROUP(TSG) on Tuesday debunked a publication by some prints and online media credited to Farooq Kperogi that replacing Buhari with Tinubu is like jumping from dementia to a drugged and drunken presidency.

TSG described the content of the publication in its entirety as untrue, malicious, devilish, ungodly, ill-conceived with deliberate destructive intentions.

This was made known In a statement by the Head of media Tinubu Support Group, Oluwatosin Johnson.

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In his words,

“For anyone to be concocting such falsehood in 2020 ahead of 2023 presidential election is very unfortunate and Nigerians should not take such a person serious. Mind you, only God gives life and determine who sees tomorrow, talk more of three years ahead.

“the publications is a deliberate attempt, probably sponsored, to cause confusion, mistrust and suspicions within the APC and denigrate the Office of the President and blackmail our National Leader which is trade in stuck for Farouk Kperogi”

” it is also an attempt by the political enemy of the presidency and the Leader of our great party to instigate the good people of Nigeria against the great achievements accomplished so far by the president and good mentorship already provided by Asiwaju in governance of Lagos state over the years”

” we urge the general public to therefore disregard the publication in its entirety, considering it as a figment of the publishers and their sponsors’ imagination”. Oluwatosin said.

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