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March 5, 2021
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#Cameroon: Is Franck #Biya Primed to Succeed his Father?


The creation of an association in the name of the eldest son of Paul Biya has been shaking the seraglio for several days already. If some opt for a dynastic succession at the head of the country, others seeing themselves close to the presidential chair do not hear it that way.

At the end of last week, the police opened an investigation into the movement entitled: “Citizen movement of the Frankists for peace and unity”, whose unacknowledged objective is to launch Franck Biya in the race for the succession of Paul Biya . Very wary, those close to Franck Biya have released a press release in which they state: “Following fundraising organized around a movement set up and coordinated by a certain Alain Fidèle Owona, presented as the national coordinator, on the grounds of arousing a certain adhesion around the political ambitions of Mr. Franck Emmanuel BIYA, It is brought to the attention of public opinion, Internet users and Cameroonians that Mr. Franck Emmanuel BIYA has not initiated any movement and that he is in no way associated directly or indirectly with such an initiative. Like any citizen, he masters the ways and means allowing access to a political career and cannot be associated with low maneuvers. Any attempt or action to raise funds does not therefore commit Mr. Franck Emmanuel BIYA in any way. “.

The Cameroonian activist, Micca Marthe Cécile, close to the ruling party, joins the boat of supporters of the eldest son of the President of the Republic. In an exit on the networks, she sings the glory of the latter who according to her has the destiny of a statesman.

Analysis by Camerounweb

Why is the FRANCK BIYA question becoming a recurring subject in our society? Probably because Franck Biya is the only person who alone brings together the greatest number of confluences to become the next president of Cameroon.

Of course, the destiny of a prince is to become a king. In Africa, power has a form of monarchical social reproduction. In Cameroon, given that the question on the succession is profiled Franck is essential on the one hand as a natural successor and on the other hand as a natural adversary because some are afraid of the monarchical reproduction in the Cameroonian democracy as it has already had takes place in Togo, Chad, Congo in Equatorial Guinea …

The mysteries that surround the mysteries of power remain a rather enigmatic conjuncture. They are furnished with the complex and ambiguous pages of ordinary citizens who do not always present their fate as statesmen

Cameroon for several years has been confronted with this illustrative case with Emmanuel Franck Biya, an ordinary figure of the son of a head of state whose political trajectory was not perceptible at first glance and who from the outset did not presage a destiny of a man of power.

Many do not know it, but Vladimir Putin was an illustrious stranger in the Russian political spectrum but rather worked in the spy services. Franck Biya was also an ivory tower that did not give rise to the suspicion of a future political entrepreneur. His intrinsic configuration was that of a self-effacing young man, a dove curled up in the feathers of reserve and discretion.

Franck Biya like Vladimir has asserted himself as an illustrious product of the business world. His existential programming was that of a businessman forged in activities of industry and commerce incompatible with the nobility of the State. He has always shown his attachment to activities other than those of politics, one would have thought he even wanted to free himself from the constraints of the palace. Franck lived his life excluded from political and administrative circles far from protocol and diplomatic requirements.

This eldest son of the Biya siblings is now positioned as a son on whom a certain hope rests. From the height of his firmness, his fidelity and his unfailing loyalty, the president’s son is staying more and more in Cameroon where he plays a strategic role alongside his father.

Franck was he designated by certain oligarchs who surround his father as was the case with Vladimir Poutine? We cannot know it, still it is that the firmness of the Franck man is an implacable reality. His choices are his and he does not let anyone dictate.

Vladimir Poutine often considered his father as his model and we know the exemplary nature which characterizes Franck Biya in the management of his public image at the national and international level. How not to deduce that his father Paul Biya is his first model when we know that this is part of the values ​​he instilled in him. This parental ethics encompasses rigor, exemplarity, reserve, work and love of the country. Franck Biya is the perfectly reproduced model of his father, molded in the teachings of an exegete and an esthete of regal functions.

Franck Biya just like Vladimir Poutine has never worked in the hope of acceding to a presidential function. Will he be designated by the oligarchs around his father? Will he be pushed to respond to the appeals of the people? So far we don’t know. Faithful to the exemplary severity that characterizes him Franck Emmanuel Biya has never spoken publicly about all these speculations.

Franck Biya is like his father, discreet, not very talkative and enigmatic. It is the benchmark par excellence for its nuclear family. He knew how to keep the qualities of his father. We can never say it enough Franck Emmanuel Biya benefited from the productive advice of a father anxious to leave as a legacy a family attached to Republican ideals.

Once in business, Vladimir Putin, who looked like a weak and malleable man, has gradually asserted himself to this day as one of the most powerful and influential presidents in the world … he from Franck Biya?

In view of all these similarities with Vladimir Poutine, is there reason to think that Franck Emmanuel Biya could become a future manager of politics in Cameroon?

Source- DailyCameroonNews

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