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April 15, 2021
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“Why Bandits Target Kaduna Schools”

More facts are emerging over recent abductions of students in Kaduna state as many pundits are describing it as an attack on the State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai.

The Kaduna state Governor is reportedly the target of the banditary for many reasons going by commentaries and reactions to the recent abductions in the state. One major reason was said to be the Governor’s insistence on non-negotiation with bandits as it will encourage further kidnappings.

The Governor has affirmed on several occasions that he will not support ransom payment nor negotiation as he prefers law enforcement as basis for law and order. The fear of the Kaduna Governor is that negotiation and ransom payment will deepen the threats posed by the bandits, a position widely accepted by mainstream public opinion.

The position differs from option already adopted by the Governors of other troubled states like Niger, Katsina and Zamfara who are openly promoting dialogue as a way of resolving the kidnapping phenomenon.

El-Rufai’s position has however being adopted by the Federal Government which has issued a shoot at sight order to non-state actors carrying AK47 alongside a declaration of no-negotiation with armed bandits.

With the turn of events in Kaduna, the Governor is reported to be insistent on his position and is reported to be mapping out a statewide security surveillance plans alongside the security structures to secure schools in the state.

“We are likely to see a new security approach that will emphasis preventive measures through local actions and a proactive response mechanism to cut off escape routes in case of successful abduction”, a security source close to the Government House noted .

“Nobody will negotiate with bandits. We will however not tell the world what we intend to do. We will enforce law and order and bring bandits to justice”, the source said.

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